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It's just me today for lunch, and I made my favorite sandwich. It's simple , but I could eat it every day. I baked a few strips of bacon , and put them on paper towels , then I got a ciabatta roll, lettuce, tomato, and turkey and added the drained bacon. Instead of Mayo, I drizzled a little Italian dressing on top. This is the only time I have bacon so it is a real treat. What is your favorite sandwich ? 🥪

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Re: Favorite Sandwich 🥪

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@QVCkitty1  My favorite is a BLT with a just-picked tomato still warm from the sun, and toasted rye bread, good bacon and mayo, Romaine, with a little salt and pepper. Other times of the year, I always gravitate toward a Reuben. Now, I'm really hungry for a fresh-picked tomato!Smiley Tongue

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I have Celiac disease, so gluten free bread is all I can have.  It's not so wonderful and so sandwiches are disappointing.


From memory, a Reuben on rye is my favorite.  I used to love rye bread.


I also like Italian hoagies, grilled cheese and fish with tartar sauce, but Reuben's are #1.

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Re: Favorite Sandwich 🥪

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I generally eat ham or turkey on a homemade roll or slice of bread.

My favorite would probably be open faced roast beef sandwich with gravy. YUM!!!

DH can't stand it when I eat that when I make pot roast. LOL!!!


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I love a good patty melt. Second would be an Italian grinder.

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I like Rachel sandwiches. They're like Rueben's but with Turkey. I love the swirled pumpernickel/rye bread the best. I also really like tomato sandwiches. Your sandwich sounds really good too, @QVCkitty1 

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Hamburger, hot dog, fried bologna or spam, BLT, and an occasional tuna salad on toast.  

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Turkey, swiss cheese, avocado, tomato with mayo on white or wheat bread is my go to sandwich.  Second would be tuna, slices of red onion and black olives on a whole wheat roll.

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Tuna salad on an Asiago cheese bagel.  Had one today for lunch.   

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I prefer sandwiches made in my kitchen.  Depending on my taste buds, either a Reuben on dark rye or a sub with various meats and cheeses on Italian bread.