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Any new vendor is music to my ears. It's a little strange though: has the Q now become the bottom of the barrel that Evine once held.

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They'll probably set her up like Judith, Joan and Tova.  Laid back.  No rush to sell.

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Another on the ever-growing list of shows not to watch. 

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@2blonde I just thought of the brand name, Nature's Code, right?

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I like her makeup, skin care, and hair products, and I still have some of her clothes and jewelry (from HSN). My two pairs of her black yoga pants refuse to fade or break down! I am looking forward to Suzanne Somers at the Q. Thanks for letting us know.

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@2blonde wrote:

@aggravated wrote:

I read in one of the trade magazines, and I'm sorry it was something that someone posted, and I cannot remember the name of the magazine.  Suzanne wanted to start selling her supplements and vitamins -- QVC had a proprietary brand they carried at that time and that was also the problem with HSN - Lessman is their largest selling vendor and he was extremely upset that HSN was even considering it.  So, she left HSN and it was on to Evine she went. 

@aggravated  What you say makes good sense.  HSN would never put up a competition with Lessman, and the Q used to have that old guy selling vitamins (I forgot the name, of course).  These vendors are on revolving doors!

Yes, Dr. (can't remember name either) and then later a younger man selling Nature's Code (which I think are good.)   Haven't seen any vitamin shows on QVC in a long time.  I have bought Andrew Lessman's from QVC years ago (didn't like them) and more recently from HSN and now I do like them.  Also have taken Nature's Code multi-vitamins for years.   Will be interesting to see what Suzanne Somers brings to QVC.  Probably not her exercise stuff since that would compete with Lori Grenier. 

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Will be interesting to see who they choose to be the host(s) with Suzanne.  

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@koolmimi29 wrote:

I agree...  she writes all these books on hormone replacement etc..   My sister in law did all these so-called hormone replacement things Suzanna touts and she got ovarian cancer as a result of doing this..   Actors need to stick to acting and not try and become an expert on things they believe in...   

  I don't believe it!!  Women take the most common hormones all the time when in menpause and those are the most dangerous ones as far as certain cancers.  I would think if a doctor actually told her this then he is not a very knowledgeable one.  Do some research and find out the great benefits of hormone replacement therapy.  It's just  balancing the hormones back to the amounts that have been and should be in our system.  After testing then the levels are brought back to the levels that should be and nothing more than that!!! If what you say is true then all women who have the normal amounts of all those different hormones would get ovarian cancer!!!! When the appropriate amount of these hormones are not there that is when there are health issues!!

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The last Nature's Code rep was the granddaughter of a woman who owned a natural foods store.  That was apparently her credentials as they pushed that every chance they got.  At least Dr. Taub and Dr. Rouse had some degree of knowledge.


I get annoyed with the rep for Diamonique who worked for a cruise line in their jewelry store.  So now she's an expert in jewelry.


It's just so odd to me that they think this makes them some sort of expert.


So Suzanne will fit right in.

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I want to be notified by email when she is on.  I can't get her name to pull up or anything.