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Call me nuts, but I love to iron.   I find it relaxing. I iron more in the summer, because I wear a lot of cotton. Doesn't  other me. I have the ironing board in the basement where its cooler.

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You just described my laundry operation.  Lol

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@Pezzie  Just about everything needs a little ironing.  I have a few pieces that do not require ironing but that's it.  I still purchase if you need to iron.  You can always send to the laundry where they will wash and iron for you.

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No, not a deal breaker, I love to iron.

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I'm sorry, but what is this iron of which you speak?

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I iron.  Don't like to but I iron my husband's work shirts and some shirts for myself and my daughter.  I tried a steamer once, didn't work one bit.

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I hate ironing but it wouldn't keep me from buying clothing I really wanted. If it's a real hard to iron piece, I'll take it to the cleaners.  

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I loathe ironing, but it's not a dealbreaker.  I am so happy that I bought a small hand held steamer.  That makes very quick work for any wrinkles.

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@Pezzie  This is a very nice thread! Count me amongst the fans of ironing. I too, find it to be relaxing. My grandmother ironed EVERYTHING that was cotton. Sheets, pillowcases, clothes, and handkerchiefs that she kept in handbags. 


What inspired me the most, was watching her iron her MANY aprons. She wore aprons for everything-cooking, dusting, cleaning, gardening, etc. I marveled at that as a child, and developed a fondness for ironing because of it.😊 


To this day, I collect and meticulously iron aprons as a sort of homage to her. That was a wonderful trip down memory lane just now that put a  great big smile on my face.😁


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Yes, I iron quite a bit but not as much as I used to. I actually have the iron/ironing board set up year round in the bedroom.   If something is mildly wrinkled, I will turn on the iron and spritz it with the steam function.  There was a thread on irons/steamers several months and I was going to look into an actual steamer but, like most everything else, I FORGOT ABOUT IT.  I will have to search and see if I can find it to see what steamers were recommended.

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