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Recently I read a review where the reviewer gave the item one star, because it had to be ironed after laundering.  That is not a deal breaker for me, as I iron every week.  I am not saying that I love to iron, but I hate wrinkled clothes more.  I also iron my dish towels and pillow cases.

i just turn on the TV, iron and zone out.  
So if an item requires ironing, is it a deal breaker for you? 

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Yes ....... Too hot to even think of ironing!

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No, it is not a deal breaker.  I don't do a lot or ironing--pillowcases and dish towels??? my mother used to iron sheets!!!--but I don't mind doing it especially in the winter.

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@Pezzie :


I love to iron. I iron sheets and anything else that needs to be ironed. I find it theraputic and relaxing. Like you, I set up the ironing board in front of the TV iron away!

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No it’s not a deal breaker for me. I have some items of clothing that look better when they’re ironed. 

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I iron if I must.


Must say that even in my most tizzy housekeeper moments, I have never ironed a tea towel.  I keep one out and change it out, but iron, no.

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If it needs to be ironed or dry cleaned it's a deal breaker with the exception of my winter jacket and husbands suits.


The only thing I use the iron for are setting the seams when I am putting together a quilt top.

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I never iron. I keep a spray bottle of water in the closet; a quick spritz and wipe the wrinkles out and done. If I need something in a hurry, a damp towel in the dryer works.

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 I iron on occasion.  I ironed my skirt for Sunday morning on Saturday night. But, I'm not ironing sheets.  Pillowcases might not be a big deal, but King size sheets are for me.

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I have not ironed since 1971.  Anything that needs ironing goes to the cleaners to be "pressed.

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