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Frightening, so glad whoever was looking out for you put the brakes on.  Heart

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So thankful you are both ok and didnt get hit. That had to be really scary!!

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Not only are driver's distracted by too many "things", they simply are too ignorant to know what the rules of the road are.


Pedestrians have the right of way.  Not too hard a concept to grasp for most, but for some, its a challenge.


I notice when I do have to walk along a busy road, cars not only DO NOT ease up on the gas pedal, they speed along oblivious to what could happen.  They don't even allow extra room for the pedestrian and dog walker.  There are no sidewalks where I live so no choice but to walk along the side of the road.


Anyway, glad you and your doggie made it home safely.

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It seems our safety is at risk wherever we go or whatever we do. It is indeed scary. So glad everyone is okay.

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I'm so glad you and your pup are okay!!!  


I have had a couple close calls too, and my sister makes fun of me for being overly cautious when crossing streets, but you have to.....Drivers dont even look out for pedestrians anymore even if the pedestrians have the right of way, not even with traffic lights! .....BE SAFE OUT THERE FOLKS!

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Oh my goodness @suzyQ3, thank goodness you and your pup are ok!  I bet that was a scary experience.  No wonder you were shaking!!  


So glad you came through with just rattled nerves.  And the pup was ready to carry on.  lol Heart

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Re: A too close of a call

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@suzyQ3 wrote:

In my way of saying thanks to all of you, I want everybody to remember that this board can be a wonderful place to be.


Amen, and say it again, @suzyQ3!   I, too, am grateful for this community of good people.❤️

And I'm grateful you and Cali are okay.❤️

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@suzyQ3, I just saw this. You must have been very shaken afterwards. I am glad to read, though, that you are alright.


A few years ago when my son moved to Park Slope, Brooklyn, he called me extremely upset because he had been hit by a car in an intersection. The driver didn't stop. He had some injuries yet the car sped away. The driver was never caught either.


Once again, I am happy to read that both you and Cali are OK.