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My pup and I were periously close to be mowed down by a car today. We were walking north on a relatively quiet street. We came to a four-stop intersection.


We stopped because I always have my pup sit first before crossing a street. A car going south came to the intersection with his left-turn signal on and made a full stop, so we proceeded into the intersection.


When we were about a third or halfway across, the car decided to make his left-hand turn. I froze and could hear workers nearby shouting. The driver stopped just a couple feet from us and raised both his hands in what I interpreted as a "oops."


Of course, Cali the pup was unfazed, but I had to stop on the other side for a few minutes just to stop shaking.


FYI: I was hit by a car and injured when I was about eight. It appears I might have some immunity. :-)



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Re: A too close of a call

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I'm glad you two are okay! The shaking is good for you. Lets you get all those stress chemicals out of your body. Lots of deep exhaling helps too. I'm sorry you had a near miss, but I'm very glad it was a miss.

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@suzyQ3  Thank goodness that you both are ok.  Unfortunately, people have too much going on in their cars today to keep their eyes on the road.  Be careful out there.

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Angels must have been watching over you & your pup! Thank goodness you are both okay!! Take care!!

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That certainly was a close call and I am glad you are fine.  It seems to me drivers are more reckless and maybe it's because there are so many more cars on the road. As drivers we have a responsibility for safety and letting pedestrians cross streets while we stop for them.  In the area I live at there are signs all over to stop for pedestrians and I see drivers doing so.


Stay safe and be very careful with your pup crossing those streets!!!!  Be well.

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Pedestrians and bicyclists are definitely at risk. I know you were in a relatively quiet area, but how they manage in busy downtowns is beyond me. Glad no one was hit.

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@suzyQ3  That’s so scary, glad to hear you’re both ok.

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@suzyQ3 I'm so glad you and Cali are ok. Maybe Cali is your angel 😇

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@suzyQ3  Glad you and your pup are okay. People can be real idiots.