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@suzyQ3 ,


Thank God you and Cali were not injued during this episode. Seems like you are keeping your guardian angel busy since your tender years. Woman Happy



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@suzyQ3  Wow! That would be so scary! So thankful it turned out alright. 🙂❤️

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@alicedee wrote:

Omg @suzyQ3 I am so glad neither of you were hurt.  I would probably have been hurling every cuss word I know at him, in reaction to the shock and fear.

Thank goodness angels were watching out for you and your dog.


That came later, @alicedee. :-)

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 @suzyQ3   I know how you must have felt! It's scary!
  I've noticed while walking on my street many cars and trucks will speed up as they pass us. Snickers stops when cars come and alerts me to them. Cars speeding up, kicking gravel and making noise startles her. 
  I've watched as they are talking on phones, etc.

  There have been construction workers on a house and they drive fast. We really have to be careful! 
   I'm glad you are okay!  🐶

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As others have said a angel was with you & your sweet puppy today.


Thank god you are fine I'm sure it was scary.  So many distracted drivers ☹️

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You and Cali keep on being careful, don’t walk faster than your Angels can Fly!


So Happy you are OK!



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How scary for you! Glad to hear you're both okay. 

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@suzyQ3   How scary.  Glad that the two of you are ok.   You were very lucky. 

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Glad you are okay. I did not know there is a real purpose to the shaking.
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Thank the stars you are both okay!  I credit those nearby workers for shouting and waking up the driver.  People may be in a mental fog more than usual due to the persistent stressors.  If balloons had been tied to the dog's collar, the driver probably still would not have noticed on his own!