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I agree with everyone else here, thankfully it was a miss, but I'm sure that had to be really scary and unnerving!


Glad you both are safe.Heart

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Omg @suzyQ3 I am so glad neither of you were hurt.  I would probably have been hurling every cuss word I know at him, in reaction to the shock and fear.

Thank goodness angels were watching out for you and your dog.


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Oh my!  So happy you and Cali are okay.

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Re: A too close of a call

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Glad you and cali are okay, you never know about those people driving,stay safe.

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Glad you are OK!

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I AM HAPPY YOU'RE BOTH OKAY. Stay vigilant - the crazies are all out and about!

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Wow that's scary. I am hesitant to cross streets sometimes. You have to be so alert.

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@suzyQ3  I'm glad both of you are safe.Heart

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In my way of saying thanks to all of you, I want everybody to remember that this board can be a wonderful place to be.

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I think people are more preoccupied these days.  Your guardian angel was on the job!  Glad you and pup are safe.