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I had a cough over the weekend and last night had chills and fever. Went to the doctor this morning and tested positive for type B flu! And I had the flu shot.  They said that it probably wouldn't last as long because of the shot. Hopefully, we will both feel better soon. 😷

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I went my whole life thinking the flu was a stomach thing that involved vomiting, diarrhea, aches & pains, fever, being tired and not wanting to eat or even smell any food.  Now, many decades later I learn that the flu is really more like a bad cold and involves coughing, sneezing, fever, aches & pains, as well as tiredness.  The thing I always thought was the flu is really called gastroenteritis.  I guess you are never too old to learn new things.  Did anyone else grow up with this misconception?

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@LTT1    Feel better soon, sorry you had to wait so long in ER not feeling well!🤧😷🤒 🍵☕️🛌❣️💕

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@Havarti   my family used to call the stomach thing the flu.  Then they went in to call it the stomach flu.  My older sister still is convinced that a stomach virus is the flu.

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@Carmie wrote:

@Havarti   my family used to call the stomach thing the flu.  Then they went in to call it the stomach flu.  My older sister still is convinced that a stomach virus is the flu.

My Mom did the same thing. 


I think that it's a common misconception for many people.


The flu that people get their yearly shot for is actually a respiratory virus and not a stomach/gastointestinal virus like many people think that it is. 


I've had the respiratory flu twice in my life and I wouldn't wish it on anybody. It's a miserable affliction. The first time that I had it, was when the Asian/Hong Kong Flu was going around back in the 60's.


My whole immediate family had it, and we were all quite ill from it. The only one who didn't have it was my Gramma. She lived next to us in a duplex. 


I then had it again in the early 90's during Thanksgiving.


I got sick really fast. I came home from work and had to go to bed.


I had a headache, fever and chills, and whole body achiness, and went to bed.


I woke up and was short of breath, and I had paged our family doctor early on a Sat. He called me back and told me to go to the ER.


I remember getting a breathing treatment then at the hospital. I missed a week of work, and it took at least a month or so before I felt better. 

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flu shot = no flu.

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While I have gotten very bad colds over the years I've only had the flu a few times.  I can remember when I was in college back in the 1970s coming down with the hits you like a ton of moment you're fine and the next you suddenly have a high fever & chills!


Most recently I had a bad cough with congestion.  I had it for over three weeks and I was coughing so much that I ended up coughing up some blood which scared me several weeks ago.  My new MD gave me his cell phone number (what doctor does that today?!!) and I called telling him my symptoms.  I went in to see him and they did several tests including a chest xray to be sure it wasn't something serious.


Fortunately my tests all came back negative but the cough lingered for a long time.  I'm finally over it but this cough & congestion is something that seems to be going around in my area.

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@ID2 wrote:

flu shot = no flu.

Not's a hit or miss with the strain each year.

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So far so good here, although the news the other day, said Michigan was the 2nd sickest state with the flu.  Maybe we should be thinking of using those masks I see others wear on t.v., it might keep the germs at bay.  Do a lot of hand washing!!!! Cover sneezes and coughs.  It's appaling how many at the stores, just let her rip.  If we could see the germs in the air, we'd be more careful!


Sending joy, prayers, love and gentle hugs to all who need them this holiday season.
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No they did not mention Xofluza!


Would you please refresh my memory on this med?

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