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Haven't you heard? They're all OBSESSED.

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@lgfan wrote:

@Kachina624  "Even the describing of an ordinary tee shirt can evoke an Oscar-worthy performance."


Maybe some of the hosts want to become actors and are using the show to display their talent.  If Lana Turner was discovered in a drug store some of these hosts can be discovered at QVC. 

@lgfan    That's what I'm thinking.  There are 3 or 4 that act like they're at an audition. 

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It would be good if some were discovered by an acting agent.  They are ridiculous.  I have noticed the HSN hosts have been more reserved but some are changing their ways to.  While I work around the house I enjoy seeing items offered but with host behavior I do turn them off. 

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I used to have QVC on all the time.  I don't even watch anymore.  I come here in the AM to see what everyone is chatting about and then check my wishlist and that's it.  

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@Kachina624 wrote:

It's not just the food presentations.  Have you noticed the performances and exaggerations that occur when showing exercise equipment?   Even the describing of an ordinary tee shirt can evoke an Oscar-worthy performance. 

You are so right @Kachina624 . It's a turn off. 


Happy New Year.


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I rarely watch live shows, but choose by the show not the hosts. Since most of my watching is recorded, I can quickly skip through since 15 minutes for each item's description is ridiculous. 

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@Sage04 wrote:

I haven't watched for many years but I shop a lot. last week I was channel surfing and came across the person with a white pair of BIG Glasses. I heard so much about it, and I watched for  about a half minute. I couldn't stop. It's like driving and come across an accident and you slow down and stare.


Anyway, the glasses were crooked on her face and I heard myself screaming "Woman fix the glasses" I tell you if it were possible  to reach in and grab them, I would have. It was so irritating.


How do viewers watch that for an hour or two?

@Sage04  - This reminds me of Shawn that constantly has that huge chunk of bangs in her eyes.  I want to reach out and put a barrette in her hair.

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They are never going to spit something out or say "I don't like this" so what is the point of 'tasting  it'.....

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I don't watch the food shows. I caught a glimpse of one and thought the prices were ridiculously high.

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I have been watching less and less myself.  I have zero items  on order and all easy pays (not that I had a lot) were paid off.   It's funny I used to enjoy it and still watch certain shows but I really have lost interest due to some of the irratic behavior of some hosts......

I do like HSN better and have watched that channel too over the years but just the home shopping in general I feel the enjoyment is fading, JMO.