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I agree.  That host also needs to brush and comb her hair.  Now, she does wear pajamas for many presentations.  Maybe she's going for the "just got out of bed" look.  Well, she's good at it. 

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Re: Watching QVC Lately

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I watch very few of the food shows. Alberti and Rachel have ruined them. When those two are the hosts I change the channel. You are right, stuffing their mouths. Making smacking noises is disgusting. Like pigs at a trough. No need for it. Then there are the outrageous, unwarranted prices. I’ll watch when David, Jayne, Mary Beth or PJD are hosting. They have manners when it comes to eating the samples.

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@KKJ wrote:

@lgfan wrote:

They have to make the food product look and sound tantalizing that is why they smack their food.   Sometimes it appears that the hosts haven't had anything to eat all day just so they can pig out on the shows.

They don't all smack their food. David does that cute roll of the eyes when he bites into something tasty.  LOL


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@Sage04 wrote:

I haven't watched for many years but I shop a lot. last week I was channel surfing and came across the person with a white pair of BIG Glasses. I heard so much about it, and I watched for  about a half minute. I couldn't stop. It's like driving and come across an accident and you slow down and stare.


Anyway, the glasses were crooked on her face and I heard myself screaming "Woman fix the glasses" I tell you if it were possible  to reach in and grab them, I would have. It was so irritating.


How do viewers watch that for an hour or two?

I don't

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No--am not watching---nothing to watch--all the same garbage as before---

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I have so much fun watching Shawn!! I laugh and laugh and when I get the product home I’m reminded of the warmth I felt when I watched.
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I've watched for at least 30 years.  I've bought a lot!!  I've returned my share and as such have lists of things I won't buy no matter what.  Food is right up there.  It IS too much money and I've been burned.  They can "smack" all they want" .... if we eat it and it's  disappointing, it's disappointing.  Shoes are another problem.  I've sent back far too many and spent way too much on return postage to justify buying another pair and I'm someone who wears a standard 9M with no foot issues.  I could probably spend another 20 minutes on the electronics alone, but I won't.   


There are also hosts I will not watch because of very silly and unprofessional demeanor.  And I realize I went to college during the pre-historic days but I've had plenty of speech classes and can't stand how our language is being mispronounced and used incorrectly.  Obviously, speech classes are no longer required by anyone.  It's disappointing and for the most part I avoid the shows ..... and if I'm not watching the programming, I'm not irritated but also not buying anything..... Woman Frustrated

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Re: Watching QVC Lately

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Is more like watching hosts eat or act.  I feel like I'm watching a performance instead of having hosts promote and explain various items.  I like to watch and see products before buying, so I do like to watch.  But some of these food presentations are such a turn off ... eating loudly and making smack lipping noises is something left for home, and talking with food in their mouth is a total turnoff.  I wonder if they make those noises when eating out?



I agree with you....I watched a food show once and that was enough for me NEVER AGAIN!!!  (some say "YUM" before they even put the food in their mouth 😄) And even on the non-food shows, some hosts seem to be promoting themselves rather than the QVC changers for me! 

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@Kachina624 wrote:

It's not just the food presentations.  Have you noticed the performances and exaggerations that occur when showing exercise equipment?   Even the describing of an ordinary tee shirt can evoke an Oscar-worthy performance. 

@Kachina624     My first LAUGH OF THE DAY!!!   Happy New Year!  di


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@Desertdi wrote:

No table manners = No marriage material



And this is why I enjoy these forums -- 


quick ? did you know my dad "he" always had good one liners like this...


I have great table manners but didn't help me in the "marriage" department hes my exact opposite🤔😯😃


Happy New Year🥳🥳