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Hi..Just finished an apartment kitchen renovation and I’d like to replace my pots and pans. Any advice on a reasonably priced, quality, non stick set (or individual pieces) that would fit into a drawer (now have drawers instead of doors). Need some sauce pans( 2 and 3 quarts) , frying pans and chicken fryer size pans.
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I really love Calphalon pots and pans. They are made very well, even heat and non stick. They also clean up like a dream. Yes they are a little pricey but well worth it and you can buy sets or individual pieces. I have been using them for twenty years.

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@ilovelucy18 I enjoy using the Farberware Classic Series cookware. It cooks evenly, can be bought in complete sets, and does great in the dishwasher. I do buy nonstick skillets separately. Just be certain your sauce pans, large pots, etc. are from the Classic Series.

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I've had good luck with Rachael Ray and Analon pans & pots. I like being able to get the specific sizes that I need and not all those extra ones that just take up space. I don't have a lot of space for my pots & pans. I do love RR oval skillets. I use those most times. 

Kitchenaid makes a nice set of 2 skillets. Those are nice. 

Hope one of these work in your kitchen. 

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@ilovelucy18 :  Last year we bought a Breville chicken fryer from eBay for $149 ( its still sold there); can't recommend this pan enough!

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I have a set of Cooks Essentials (QVC brand) in stainless steel (nonstick) that I've had for at least 15+ years and I've never had or needed to place a single one and I use them every day.


I also have several of their CE hard anodized pieces, equally as 'old', that are still like new.


Sure, I could pay a lot more and I have on more expensive brands, but why pay more if I don't have/need to?



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Re: Need new pots and pans

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Have seen alot of ads for Made-in  cookware  that features famous Chefs  demonstaring the use of these pans. Chef Tom Colicchio , Nancy Silverton, Sean Brock among others .

I haven't bought these  pans as yet but am seriously thinking of buying one or two to try out . They have a website  Made in cookware

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Curtis Stone's Durapan, best non stick that I've ever had!

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@ilovelucy18 I recently replaced my pots and pans with non-stick All-Clad.  I made a list of the sizes I thought I would really use and purchased individually from Marshalls and Home Goods.  It took me several visits but I ended up with all the sizes I was looking for. 

I was concerned because the handles are metal, but they never seem to get hot.  I have been very impressed with cooking and clean up.  

Also, they seem to come in various shapes.  You might be able to get the size you want in a couple different styles.  This may help you fit in your drawers.

Good luck!

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Re: Need new pots and pans

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@ilovelucy18   I am SO over cookware with coatings inside. Eventually all they do is scrape out and then into your food after wear & tear.


i'm suggesting amazon brand Avacraft (18/10 stainless steel just like your flatware). As you can imagine, wears like your flatware, strong, nice shine, extremely durable, cleans up beautifully. What I really love if a pour spout on BOTH sides for a lefty & a righty, great clear tempered lid, nice handle, steam hole. These are two pots w/lids that I have - oh did I mention measurements noted in both pots? YES!


Another great brand I have is Ozeri, a ceramic lined large fry pan and a small saute pan, each with lids, clear tempered, nice handle, no food staining in these either. 


I swear by both brands. I also have a couple of green pans, ceramic inside, really nice too.  Those Avacraft are the bomb, I'm telling you. Selling yourself short if you don't try these. No more coated pans. They don't work anyway, I've had tons, eventually they all ended up in the trash. None of these are expensive either and you can pick & choose which ones you'd like to purchase.