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For frying......

Cast iron pans

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Re: Need new pots and pans

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We just finished our new kitchen too. Enjoy yours.

I have 8 large drawers for pots, pans, dishes, etc. They are really nice. We also installed pantry cabinets in the dining room.

I bought some new cookware before we got finished from Made-In. So far we like it. I bought the SS saute pan with lid & a sauce pan with lid. Need a SS frying pan but they were sold out. I also bought one of the 3 piece nonstick sets. Now DH wants a carbon steel pan to use on the grill.

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Curtis Stone!

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I bought some All Cald but had to return them. I cannot hold the pans due to the groove down the handles. They are suppose to be ergonomically correct but not for me?

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@Nightowlz  I did read that people did not like the handles in a lot of the reviews.  I have arthritis, but, for some reason, they don't bother me.  I bought one small one and used it a few times before I invested in the rest of the pans.



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To me, pots and pans are a real personal choice.  You actually need to lift them up, check the thickness and see if they meet your needs.


Sets are the least expensive than open stock but if you are just looking for a certain size, then open stock might work for you.


Kohls and Macy's are good choices to look since they do offer set and open stock.


If you are a member of Sam's or Costco, they really do have some good deals when they offer rebates.  


Good Luck.

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Congratulations on your new kitchen!  

I replaced a Cuisinart set with All-Clad; the Cuisinart was fine (especially for the price point). I much prefer the All Clad, the food cooks much more evenly.  When I bought them, I didn't purchase a "set", as there were some pieces that I didn't want or wouldn't use. As I started to plan the ones I wanted, I started to realize buying individual pieces could be overwhelming because the prices vary (depending on sales). DH called Crate and Barrel and they price matched all the individual pieces with an additional discount off the total. So that may be something to consider! 

I also have a LeCrueset, and while it was pricey, it has paid for itself (I use it 4-5 times a week at minimum). 

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I only buy stainless steel because nonstick need to be replaced periodically.   I do have a large nonstick skillet.


I would buy a set that is light weight.

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We have a Rachel ray oval pan set for 6 years and we still love it. Its none goes in the dishwasher with no problem and hand washes very easy allso. Spaghetti lasagna noodles fit great in oval pan very well because of the oval design. I highly recommend them. Good luck.

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Am another fan of Curtis Stones cookware---also got some really great saucepans from AMZ too. they are stainless steel.  got rid of everything that had that black nonstick junk a few years ago--now I have only ceramic coated type cookware---