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Re: What Style is Your Home Interior?

I'm thinking eclectic because.... 

  • combo vintage chic / coastal in guest bedroom - white furniture with seafoam green accents 
  • Kitchen is cream cabinets with black island & faucets/sinks -- bronze / black / cream granite, looks like a constellation in the sky. Modern farmhouse style furniture
  • livingroom -- open floorplan, polished casual decor. Nature theme of water, leaves and trees as both our last names are nature words. Just a fun thing we do. 
  • MBR is simplistic. Dark Mission Furniture with pale yellow and white bedding. Wall accents and lamps have modern, serenity vibe. 
  • Bathrooms are light and traditional
  • Finished basement is occupied by family guests. When they move, husbands wants to update to industrial, sporty, comfy man cave. Everything will recline - ha     
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Re: What Style is Your Home Interior?

@Regal Bee; I hope you continue posting decorating ideas and discussing topics. I admire your talent and appreciate sharing with us.
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Re: What Style is Your Home Interior?

Since I actually live in a cottage on a lake my home interior decor is cottage style mixed with shabby chic. I've been asked many times who my decorator is? Me! Woman Happy

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Re: What Style is Your Home Interior?

I guess I'd say mine is traditional/eclectic.  I just like to mix things up, makes it more interesting I think.  It's small (just over 1500 sq. ft.), welcoming (I hope) and always neat.

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Re: What Style is Your Home Interior?

@Regal Bee  I love the picture of the bedroom you posted.  It looks like a country B&B that is featured in an upscale magazine.  I would feel comfortable and cozy in that room.


i have a question though.  When I see pictures of bedrooms without bureaus and such, where do you store your clothing?


I seem to have a lot of furniture in my bedroom and even though my bedroom is cozy, I have no room for chairs, tables. Lamps and all the good decorating things.


Almost all of my rooms are traditional, and transitional, but I have my mother’s hard rock maple dining room set and it is colonial.


I guess I fit into the eclectic category.  I collect pieces that I love or bring a good memory.  


I also have a shrine to my DH in the living room that I would love to move elsewhere, but he won’t let me.  He gets hurt feelings when I suggest he put it into a study.  It is a wall with his picture and awards and metals for lifesaving, valor, etc that he was given  over the years through his job.  I feel it is an eyesore, then I feel bad for thinking that.


i’ll live with it because he is a keeper.

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Re: What Style is Your Home Interior?

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@Regal Bee That bedroom looks so cozy and inviting! Our house has two stories with two stories. First story: 18th and 19th C American antiques, decor, style. Second story: Enter at your own risk! The bedrooms have not changed since the children were little. The kids won't let me redecorate their rooms - even though they don't live here anymore. The boys' room still has planets and stars wallpaper on the walls and ceiling! The second story is my first retirement project.

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Re: What Style is Your Home Interior?

My decor is transitional and on the formal side. I keep it neutral with an eye toward resale.

Not feminine at all. I raised two sons in this house. Did not desire anything "sweet", although I have a floral winter bedspread and matching drapes and coordinating floral chair and print in my bedroom! 

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Re: What Style is Your Home Interior?

Modern country.  Comfortable is key.

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Re: What Style is Your Home Interior?

Transitional with some rustic mixed in.

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Re: What Style is Your Home Interior?

MY style.


I do not follow trends as seen on HGTV or in magazines. I get ideas from them though. 

My home is My home. A have a nice mix of things - and not just one set style of design thru out - it just all goes together and blends nicely.


Over the years, I have less and less stuck with a particular style of any sort. I tend to get bored with that, I like to mix and match to create a space that is comfortable and livable. Both are important elements in my home. 


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