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Re: Please finish decorating

Why is it that windows never seem to have some sort of coverings on them? Feels like living in a fish bowl----

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Re: Please finish decorating

Architecturally this room is lovely...


 I much prefer two oversized sofas for their comfort, adding a larger coffee table and end tables with lamps.


Removing the sconces, a large, tall (but not wider than the mantle) piece of  art is necessary--not crazy colorful, but adding some dimension of color. I might layer some prized art pieces on the mantle in front of the wall art. I understand a neutral floor covering, but maybe in a different pattern. I would also opt for larger more prominent greenery. 


I love beautiful undressed windows. But if light or privacy is a concern I would choose a covering that is almost hidden when not in use.


Ok, now I am ready to move in!