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I placed an order on 09-09-20 for three of their long sleeve supima cotton shirts and received them today 09-16-20.  I opened the bag and tried them on, they feel yummy, like silk.  They were on sale for $16.77 each and I feel like I hit the jackpot.  The shirts are simple in linear fashion, no shark bite, no asymetric lines just perfect!!!!!  Thought I would share in my treasured finds for those seeking new shirts.

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I like their customer service and I have never been disappointed in their clothing.

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I bought 6 of those short sleeve earlier this year. I bought a couple more a size larger to sleep in. They are really soft.

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I love Lands End. My Mom always loved their clothes too, especially their button down shirts. She always looked so cute❤

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I love Lands End clothing. 


Seems like I always need to return an article of clothing, not for lack of quality, but it's either a tad small or big.


The dealbreaker for me is that I have to pay for return postage and it just isn't worth it to me. 



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I have a hard time figuring out their sizing.  Almost everything I have got is huge.  All our Sears are gone so returning is a problem -  I just gave up.  

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I have been disappointed.  I had ordered some long sleeve tees for work, and the neckline was banded with something that looked like ultra thin binding and looked very inexpensive.  I would never wear that to work  They became home wear.

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These always look so good in catalog .Stared at them forever.
I need a plus size & am not sure bout sizing.Somehow I think would run small.

Has anyone ordered plus size?
Thank you.
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Land's End has good products.  Check out LL Bean too.  Both companies frequently offer discounts and FREE SHIPPING!

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Re: Lands End Service

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LE really knows how to do a sale and their quality is very good. I love them, too.