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Re: Our Fridge Died Tonight

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@Lilysmom wrote:

@chickenbutt, what brand did you buy?  LM


Hi!  We got an LG.   

My husband was shopping a Samsung.  I like that brand, for other things, but the reviews on that unit were pretty bad.


I just happened to have been reading the previous issue of Consumer Reports and the top two models rated were LG.  The #1 model was smaller and the #2 model was the perfect size for us.


It's LG model LTCS24223.  Mine is the black stainless.  When I saw that I looked it up and found some good reviews - many by consumers and one by a guy who does reviews on numerous items, ranking them and discussing pros and cons.


I told my husband about it and he found the store also had that one and it even cost much less than the Samsung with the bad reviews that he was contemplating.


I wish he did like I do - research first, then shop.  *sigh*   Glad I was able to intervene and am super pleased with this one.


Like another poster here, I am not interested in the ice maker, so I packed that away in the garage and am enjoying the space.


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