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My Kenmore is alsmost 21 yrs. old so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully, appliances aren't like buying a car where all you really want is a AM/FM radio, but you have to purchase those in a "package" with a bunch of stuff you really didn't want to begin with. More bells and whistles just cost more and cost more to fix. I guess you can tell I'm old.Anyhow, good luck in your hunt.

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I also want a simple model the next time I'm in the market.  Further, if these things are not reparable any more, why put a lot of money into a deluxe version?

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@ValuSkr wrote:

I also want a simple model the next time I'm in the market.  Further, if these things are not reparable any more, why put a lot of money into a deluxe version?

What is crazy is that the simple fridges may actually cost more.  You can hardly find a fridge that doesn't at least have a water dispenser.   I guess these days that is considered simple.  When we were looking it cost more to get one without the dispenser than it did with the dispenser.  

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@phoenixbrd wrote:

Love my about 6-month old LG if you are thinking about a new one. 

I'm another fan of LG.  My french door fridge is 14 months old and it's been great. 

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Our first fridge died about 5 years into owning our home.  I never liked the new fridge one we had to buy in a hurry.  I miss the old green one that came with the house.


now our new fridge is about 20 years old.  I still hate it..... 

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We just replaced our 18 year old Maytag.   It was a good refrigerator, and still good near as I could tell.


But my husband was hearing the sound of the compressor, when the weather was really hot, and somebody told him that meant the compressor was going out.   I think he was wrong, but now we have a new one.


Guess what?  When it's really hot, the compressor works harder and it sounds the same to me, as the old one.  But I really do love the new one and was super glad that you can still get freezer-on-top refrigerators because I dislike side-by-sides and French door units.   This new one feels so posh that it's kind of funny when I open one of the doors and see those sparkling lights.   hehe - easily entertained here.  Smiley Very Happy


Here's a thought, too, while I'm at it - since I knew they were going to recycle the old one, I grabbed some of the parts from it that have been very handy in my new one, like shelf dividers and this pull-out wide freezer basket.   


Also, I was curious about the black stainless in saying that it is fingerprint free and I'll be darned if it isn't!  I tried every way to smear fingerprints on the front, short of putting something ON my fingers of course, and nary a fingerprint or smudge on the surface.  Very cool.   It's not the exact black of my other appliances, but it looks great.  Same size in the space in my kitchen, but much more space INSIDE the unit, which is also great.

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Re: Our Fridge Died Tonight

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My DD just bought a French door fridge. I would love to have it but I don't have room in my kitchen for it. I will definitely figure out a way to have one in my next house. I really don't like side-by-sides.

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@I am still oxox wrote:

Uggh uggh uggh, at least PC Richards is open to 9 and we will have a new one on Saturday and well the freezer is still working.

Right now all the saleable food is in a cooler bag and lets hope it will stay.

Its been a long day, just what I wanted to do this weeked fill a new fridge.

Please accept my deepest condolences.

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Our side by side refrigerator died this past year at 36 years old.  It never needed a repair in all its years.  I was hoping it lasted forever because it had so much interior space, I could fit a whole sheet ice cream cake in the freezer.  The new one has so much going on inside to make room for the ice maker (which we have no desire to hook up) it probably couldn't fit a cupcake!


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@chickenbutt, what brand did you buy?  LM