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I like to cook enough for 3-4 meals so I only cook a couple times a week.

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Yes,I am always cooking or baking. I think it comes from your childhood.My parents were excellent cooks and my sister and I were brought up in the kitchen ; so to speak. Our Italian upbringing plays a big part in our love for cooking. I cook from scratch and my kids say I can make a meal out of nothing. I don't know how families can afford groceries today when they purchase so much processed and frozen items. Not healthy at all. I taught my kids the way I was .
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Yes, I have cooked just about everyday for over 35 years
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Yes, five out of seven nights a week most of the time. We enjoy our dinners out also.Smile

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tonight i made grilled marinated chicken breasts, basmati rice, saffron glazed carrots, broiled tomatoes and quartered vidalia onions, sauteed mushrooms. yes, i cook a lot and cook often.

i do enjoy going out also though! we try to go out once or twice a week.

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I like to eat good food and prefab or take out is not good so I make it myself.
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Yes, I cook, but I would much rather bake. We also go out to a restaurant sometimes.{#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

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I cook dinner 4-5 nights a week. With just 2 of us, there are leftovers for lunch or an additional dinner meal. Then we get takeout or go out another night or two.

Usually, every other week, I get food and recipes from get to try out new foods and cooking techniques.

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I cook about 5-6 nights a week. We usually eat out on Saturdays. I also buy food from ""My Fit Foods"" for myself some nights and cook for DH and I eat the My Fit Foods.


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Yes, I enjoy it. Even though I'm single, I've learned to make things that freeze (individual portions) well and just pull something out the night before and have a salad with it the next evening. I'm not a peanut butter sandwich or popcorn every night kind of girl.

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