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Re: Disappearing Without a Trace

The heartache a parent or other loved ones experience when a child disappears is unbearable.  My daughter at age 18 took off with her older and, unknown to her, married boyfriend.  They were gone for about a month and no one knew where they were.  This was before cell phones, but plenty of pay phones everywhere.  I imagined every horrible thing that could possibly happen.  Was he beating her, did she have food and a safe place to sleep?  What if she became seriously ill, would he be sure she'd receive medical attention?  And, of course, what if she was dead? My prayers always include people who are missing and their families.  

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Re: Disappearing Without a Trace

Remember John List? He killed his wife, mother and children and wasn't caught for like 20 years or so. He was a big wig in the church and remarried. So, it may take a while, but sometimes it pays off to revisit these stories.

There were 2 girls from my hometown that disappeared in the 60s or 70s on their way to a party. Never showed up to the party. No sign of them or the car. They had a suspect in mind, and dug up his property 2 or 3 times looking for them but never found anything. Then several years ago, the water in a small creek or small lake had gone way down, and there was the car. They went off the road and landed there and both drown


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Re: Disappearing Without a Trace

@Kachina624 wrote:

I hate these TV programs on unresolved disappearances.  After watch an hour of a search, I want a conclusion, either happy or sad.  I won't even watch them's a waste of time when there's no outcome.


You might think it a waste of your time but if it brings awareness that bring someone forward to solve a crime or find someone missing, it isn't a waste of time. If someone watching learns something that protects them in the future from something bad happening, it isn't a waste of time.