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Here's my take on the finale. As DD said, "When and where did Tanner get a ring?" Smiley LOL I sure Neil Lane flew in and met with him, but we didn't see that part. Which means. . . the producers knew Tanner wanted to propose. They also knew Kirk was not going to continue the relationship with Carly, so they embellished that break up too. One of Tenley's friends said online that she was not going to continue with Joshua. He wanted to, but she didn't. Maybe it really was the distance. I think she's still not over Kiptyn. So we found out tonight on the after show that Nick and Samantha are still together and have met each other's families. I think Samantha was playing the part of "the bad girl." Amber called in tonight and said something that reinforced that for me, but Chris H. changed the subject. 


I think most of these kids go on the show for a chance at POSSIBLE love, but mostly for the fun at the beach atmosphere. Even Tanner said tonight he had planned to stay only two weeks, because that's the time they gave him off from work, but then he met Jade and everything changed. 


I'd like to see Jared get another chance, and maybe Dan. I'd definitely like to see Ashley S. back, but I don't think she'll come back. They like her, but they had to really coax her to do this one. I've had enough of the Juelia drama, but I wouldn't mind seeing Ashley I. get another chance. But I really hope this time she leaves her sister home! Smiley LOL

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Re: Bachelor in Paradise

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Tanner and Jade are so cute. Not sure if they will get married. They seem much more into each other than Kaitlyn/Shawn.

Carly really needs to move on. She sings really good.

I was surprised to see Johnathan with Cassandra,

I knew early on Tenely would not be with Joshua. Odd pairing.

I enjoyed the season. I would like to see Jared come back to paradise.     Next season (they will have it due to high ratings), the contestants should not be talking/or a whole lot, to other contestants beforehand... because I do not care to see a repeat of Sam/Joe drama.