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Ear stretchers...

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Is it just me, or are others really turned off by them?...seeing them in other's ears that is...


For whatever reason, whenever I see that someone is wearing them, I can't seem to look at the individual without avoiding looking at their creeps me out that much! I also picture them 20-50 yrs later with skin flopping around when they get stretched out too much.

The thing is I think many of the folks who wear the ear stretchers probably don't fully realize that whether they want to or not, they have to keep sizing up their stretchers to keep them in place because the skin gets loose around each stretcher size over a period of time. In other words, say 'john or jane doe likes the 1" ear stretchers. Unfortunately, they don't remain at 1" the rest of their lives.


Now mind you, I'm in my mid 50's and I have 5 pierced holes in my right ear (only 1 in my left ear) and even I feel this way about those stretchers!


I also get creeped out by folks who have tattoos on their face, neck and hands. Although I don't mind looking at most tattoos on others, it's those areas that I just have a hard time looking at without avoiding. I personally do not have any tattoos.


Lastly, I totally believe in everyone having the freedom to do whatever they like and doing what makes them happy...


For those of you who feel differently than me, that is quite alright, I am just expressing my opinion Smiley Happy

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Yes, they creep me out too. I don't see why some people want to do the things they do to their bodies. 


Im not a fan of tattoos really but some look ok, and I've seen some I really like. I don't like to see a young girl covered in tattoos. I can't help it. I wonder why?? To me they have just ruined themselves. Same with tattoos on the face. But they can do what they want to, it's their body. 

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LOL.... I have to laugh because the only thing I think of when I see them in someone's young ears is how they're going to look when their 60!!


I don't like how they look but basically don't care what they do to themselves..... Woman Wink  

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I'm all for making your own decisions for your body as long as you are of age.


But, what happens when they don't want to wear them anymore?


eeeeeek !

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Ha, I'm so out of the loop that I didn't know what "ear stretchers" were!  Once you described them, I realized what you were talking about - and I have the same reaction.   It kind of creeps me out and I want to look anywhere but at those ear lobes. The next thought that pops into my head is that I'm glad it's not one of my children!

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Unless you are part of a tribe or other ethnic group, I do not get why you'd stretch your ear lobes. I always like Adam Lambert, but his ears creeped me out.

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I am also not a fan of ear stretchers, full body tattoos, or multiple piercings.   Having said that, my extended family has someone who has literally pushed all of the above to a freakish level.  This 32 year old man is totally covered in tattoos, and has a dozen piercings in his FACE!  He finally realized he had totally ruined his ears with the stretchers, and had surgery to repair his stretched earlobes.  The family was so proud he admitted that was a big mistake, but before we knew it, he actually had implants in his forehead to make it look like he has horns!!!   His grandpa took one look at him, called him a "freak", and refuses to have anything to do him now.  Grandpa helped finance the ear surgery thinking his grandson had finally come to his senses, but the horns were the last straw.   When I see him, and others who have made similar choices, all that comes to mind is "what were you thinking?"

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I agree with you 100%--those body modifications are really quite disgusting!  Too bad some people are so warped that they are willing to do that to themselves in the name of expressing their individuality.

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I've had my ears pierced since second grade. I'm 53 now. I have a pair of diamond earrings from my deceased DH that have a thicker post than I'm accustomed to wearing and after 8 hours, my right earlobe starts whispering, get this thing out! I would be a lousy candidate for ear stretchers.
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I could never understand it. When l see someone who has this, it makes me think that their earlobes remind me of Lifesavers candies, lol.

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