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Positive thread

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SInce some people say that all Harry and Meghan threads become negative I am starting this positive thread.


Everyone who responds must say something nice about the lovely couple.  I will go first.  Harry and Meghan make beautiful children.

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Harry is protective of his wife and children.

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I like Harry and Meghan. They have a nice life in this country. I have nothing against William and Catherine, I just like Harry and Meghan better. He made mistakes in his life, as I'm sure William has.


And to those who bash them for wanting privacy and yet getting publicity, they wanted to escape the c**p they were getting from the press in the UK.


And I wish the press and public would stop calling Catherine, Kate. She is Catherine, Princess of Wales.

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I like Harry and Meghan.  I also like William and Kate.  I just don't understand the hate that some people have for Meghan and Harry.  But since this is a positive thread, I will not go into all of that.  And for something nice to say about Harry and Meghan, they do love animals.  


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It will be interesting to see how many "positive" responses there will be.

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They appear to be a happily married couple!

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I second that Harry & Megan make beautiful children. I'm anxious to read his book. 

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Made me laugh @lgfan...Thanks

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Since I dont know them or the true inside facts.  I dont have anything against any of them.

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They have made a tremendous amount of money.