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Re: How are you diferent than your Mother?

I am definitely my father's daughter. He passed away a few years ago, and I miss him everyday. My dad was a fantastic cook, gardener, and extremely disciplined and hard working.

Sometimes when I'm cooking or in my garden, it's like he's right there with me.

My mom didn't participate much in the mothering part of things. She was very modern for her time. I am not modern, but traditional.

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Re: How are you diferent than your Mother?

Just throwing in a few thoughts, here. I lost my Mom when I was 19, decades and decades ago. She was only 47 and lost due to liver cancer caused by direct exposure to PCBs, a chemical invented by Monsanto. It was banned a few years after her passing and must be stored like radiation, it is so dangerous. PCBs unfortunately are still in our environment though, especially fish. Avoid them if you can.

I always feel sad on this day because I missed so much with my mother. I have the greatest admiration for her because she was so bright, self-sacrificing and could've had a great career in politics. She was very brave up to the end and tried to set things up for me but trusted the wrong people. She was better looking than me, taller and had more hair to work with. I inherited my father's smaller bone structure and finer hair, though I think we look a bit alike and have similar figures. She led by example. I feel very fortunate to be living beyond her years because I have more time to try to be half the person she was. ~Peach

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Re: How are you diferent than your Mother?

My mother and I are very very similar in a lot of ways, however the way we differ the most is that I am a makeup and skincare junkie and I love perfumes, and bath products,etc. My mom is a minimalist(she does not wear makeup-never has) loves bath products,but only uses one skincare item and that is moisturizer with sunscreen and does not care for perfumes..She has almost always wore her hair short and wash and go-very low maintenance,yet has amazing skin!!!!!!!!I hope to have her skin when I am 82....

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Re: How are you diferent than your Mother?

My Mom is 92 and does quite well for her age. However, we really are night and day. Although we do look very much alike. My mom was never into fashion and makeup. I get that from my aunts. She has always been a very faithful, strong Christian. I am a Christian too but my mom's faith goes beyond what mine has ever been. I am more light hearted than my mom. She takes things very seriously. All in all I would not trade her though. She has always been a good, loyal friend to many.