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Anyone out there as lonely as I am?. Very Lost.And the Pandemic  is making a lot worse.

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@becca lou    Rest assured there are many people out there as lonely as you.  Its a neck of a way to spend your senior years, isn't it?  A dirty trick if you ask me.


I've been sitting here isolated and alone for about 2 years with just the company of 2 dogs and a visit from the AC repairman.  All my friends have died or moved away and there's no opportunity to meet new people.  My closest relative is almost 2,000 miles away.  Thank goodness for the social contacts I have here on the boards with many great women and good friends.


Hang in there and when you're in the mood, come here or to a site of your choice and chat.

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Yes, this pandemic has taken its toll on people and messed with us mentally. Isolation is horrific and sorry you are having a difficult time.


My 3 dogs give me great comfort and new grandson will be born next month. That makes staying home worth it, to keep my daughters family well when I visit. 

Do you have a pet? Maybe even a parakeet would bring you cheer. Any family nearby?  Maybe take up knitting, you can learn watching Utube. Hang in there, we've got each other .

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Believe me I know the feeling !  Not much to do but watch TV and shop online. Hang in there, we will get through this !

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@becca lou Loneliness is incredibly common, I think. Its ashamed, too, because it just seems so hard to meet new friends when you work all the time (now at home, which makes it worse). I live alone with cats; no nearby family or spouse or close friends nearby....and I happen to be very nice, friendly, and fun if I may say so myself. That's just the way it is, I guess.

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@becca lou 


Have read a lot of posts similar to yours on these forums. Getting older has its negatives for sure, but it doesn't rule out the positives. 


I know that many have allowed this virus to change how they previously lived their lives completely. For me the only change it has made in my life is preventing me from ice skating for 7 months. Each person has to decide how they plan they life around their specific circumstances, like health issues or other different reasons.


For me personally! I can be completely happy without any contact with any humans, and also be happy in a crowd of them. Right now I have a dog lying on my left side, and a feline lying on my right side. My wife is off on a Pet Sitting Job and will be gone for a week.


Hopefully you find something to help you feel better. As you've probably read here, you have lots of company. Don't have anything philosophical I can say to make you feel better, I just hope reading some posts will let you see, you are far from being the only one.






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I'm so sorry you (and others) are struggling. 

A few suggestions:

 - think of ways to lift others (ie write notes/letters, paint rocks and leave where people will find them, search for funny memes/images and email/post them, etc)

 - get into genealogy (lots of different ways to do that) and plenty of people to get to know that way as well as online groups full of help/knowledge

 - some church communities have outreach/fellowship groups that may be worth your while (not all care whether you convert - just let them know your intentions)

Hang in there and remember there are better days to come. (hugs)


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No, getting old isn't awful. Only if you make it that way, It's all up to you! I took cobtrol of my life almost 2 years ago. I am 68, lost 70 lbs, walk, eat healthy and I feel GREAT!! My entire disposition has changed. I turned off the news, don't watch anything now. I know nothing about the virus, therefore I am not bothered by it. Life is normal for me. OP only you can take control of your own life...the time is NOW. Good luck. 

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I am also lonely.  I don't know where you live but that can be a factor too.  Some places are definitely friendlier than others and offer more things to do for seniors and places to go.  I lived in Tennessee and there were nice dog parks. The one I went to had a gazebo and everyone gathered there while their dogs played and talked to each other.  Where I live in Florida only one dog park and the seats are scattered and people sit by themselves and don't talk.  A lot of people are so tied up with family and have no room for anyone new and if you talk to them all they talk about is family.  I used to manage a medical office when I was younger and I did not understand why elderly people did not mind waiting but now I see it was their social time and outing.  It is hard to make new friends and contacts.  Even churches now where I live have eliminated anything but the Sunday service and you go in listen and leave and it does not give you any opportunity to make friends.  I have no answers but want you to know you are not the only one.  A time when we should be enjoying the time we have left seems to be the loneliest.  

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Re: "Getting Old Is Awful"

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Yes, it has taken a toll on me,  we hear about how it has affected kids,but not much about us older people.

When you lose some one you L~O~V~E, that Memory of them, becomes a TREASURE.