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The goal of commercials is to get you to watch them.  Maybe this is all reverse psychology.  We are transfixed with the thought of Gosh, this is terrible and pay attention.  I've also noticed most commercials have a lot of movement, guys dancing around like idiots in the Delta shower commercial, another guy checking his body out for skin cancer.  Wayfair also uses movement.  

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I don't care for those Progressive commercials either!  

I am glad you mentioned them!   

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I like the cute guy. That's it.

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I get tired of the  "Limu Emu--and Doug"   commercials. 

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@Kalli wrote:

@Leggett28 wrote:

I love the Geico commercials with the Woodchucks and Raccoons. 

@Leggett28 , I love the woodchucks, too! 🤣


@Kalli @Leggett28 


Love the woodchucks!

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All Progressive commercials are offensive to me...along with most other insurance commercials as well. They must be running out of ideas since they are now recycling the woodchuck commercials.

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The commercials do seem to be going in a weird direction and its not just progressive. Some of them are downright bizarro. Not sure what the writers or marketing people are thinking but im not into that kind of humor at all. 

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@Leggett28 wrote:

@Kalli  I just made a comment to my husband today about how every time I see the commercial with the Woodchucks it makes me laugh. There’s a new commercial and the Woodchucks are in a lumber yard called Lonnie’s wood. At first I thought it was a real commercial for a lumber yard. Hilarious 😂 

@Leggett28   I thought it was a real commercial at first, too.  The woodchucks are cute.

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Re: PROGRESSIVE commercial

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I find all insurance commercials offensive. Too long and a waste of time. Can’t hit the remote fast enough. Progressive is probably the worst.

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I do not like there commercials horrible.sometime I can't figure them out stupid!