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PROGRESSIVE commercial

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What does everyone think about the progressive Motour commercials? I think they are rather weird  and something not quite right about them. I don't understand it's like a handicap person. Maybe someone could make me feel better about them.

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@KACEE1115  I don’t like that commercial at all. Very strange.

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 I don't like them either. I think it's a "play" on the word Centaur (half man half horse) in metrology. But it's strange!

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@KACEE1115 I can't stand any of their commercials.

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Well, in mythology, there is the Centaur.





Is Mo-tor "scary"?








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Like most commercials, it's silly IMO. I don't find it scary at all.

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The Progressive Commercial Half-Time Show makes me smile. 

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I can't stand any of those insurance company commercials.  Allstate, Geico, Progressive and sadly Liberty Mutual.  They are horrible, dumb, silly etc. 


Remember when Liberty Mutual had those great commercials about people helping people.  I swear I almost changed our home and car insurance to them just because of them.  Now?   No way. 


I can't imagine any execs of those companies viewing them and saying "YES, that's a great commercial.  We'll go with it."  I really don't get it at all.  


Get new ad execs.

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I love the Geico commercials with the Woodchucks and Raccoons. 

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@Leggett28 wrote:

I love the Geico commercials with the Woodchucks and Raccoons. 

@Leggett28 , I love the woodchucks, too! 🤣