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Has anyone had this??? Its horrible, as it is causing a balancing and vertigo problem !! I will not drive a car, cause its bad. Been to myPCP and she gave me a prednisone pack and antobiotics, which did nothing. So my hubby took me to an urgent care a couple of days ago and she is the one that told me about the fuid in my ear, not my PCP!!!! Imagine that. So now I am taking a decongestant and doing a nasal spray, so after all my babbling, I'm just wondering if anyone has ever had this?????? 

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I have had it several times, most recently after cateract surgery from trying to be careful in the shower.  I just slept on the side of the ear with water and it resolved itself in a few days.  Sometimes I have had luck shaking my head or pulling my ear but did not attempt that after the eye surgery.


I have gone to Doctors over the years but they did not do anything.  A friend of mine goes to a CVS urgent care and they will actually help with his ears that backup.


Over the years I have become real careful around people in a pool messing around, in my younger years but now try to control it myself, I guess earplugs would help me.

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I had fluid in my right ear because of a sinus infection. Here’s what I did:


Put some salt in warm water and stir to dissolve.


With an eye dropper I put the saline in both nostrils; leaning my head back as far as I could. Kept my head back for about two minutes.

(I did this several times a day for 4 days using fresh salt and warm water each time)


Then I would blow my nose and then I valsalva. I would valsalva constantly.


My ear finally popped and my sinus infection cleared up.


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I hope this helps! Our pediatrician told us about this treatment and I've used it also for myself for swimmers ear or any ear hurting or fluid!


"A mixture of 1 part white vinegar to 1 part rubbing alcohol may help promote drying and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi that can cause swimmer's ear. Pour 1 teaspoon (about 5 milliliters) of the solution into each ear and let it drain back out.May 19, 2017" -news network mayo

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@DiamondsandGold I get this frequently. I buy OTC drops for Swimmer's Ear. Works like a charm! I like Similasan best. HTH!

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Fluid behind  drug store ear wax kit.   Ti p head ands put few drops in ear.

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My doctor prescribed mucinex twice a day. Took a week to dry up.

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I've had it, and it is everything you describe. It feels terrible. For me, The key to getting better was getting the correct antibiotic. Too many doctors prescribe amoxicillin, which doesn't touch it. I was prescribed Ceftin 500 mgs., twice daily and a Prednisone taper dose. Without the correct antibiotic, it just wouldn't go away, even the prednisone didn't touch it.

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Re: fluid in ear

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I have had this happen to me-- many times.  I have tried most of the remedies given here.  Including going to the urgent- care so they could unplug my ear by squrting water into my ear. Which is risky and I had to sign a waiver I would sue if they damaged my ear.  Talk about desperate.  UGH.  


This is a frustrating experience and that time was probably the worst.  And I made it worse by trying every remedy!  But those ear wax removal kits are helpful, if it's not too deep in the ear. 


For less drastic times, I have found a couple drops of hydrogen proxide in the ear, cover with a cotton ball.  Then lay on the opposite ear for a few minutes.  You'll hear some popping as the peroxide is cutting through the wax.    When it stops you might even feel the water moving around.  Then with the cotton ball still covering the ear, lay on that ear so the liquid runs out. 


You might need to do this more then once.  I would wait several hours in between attempts-- like morning and night or even just a couple days in a row.  Just be careful because too much might be too much and cause a bigger problem.  


PS @DiamondsandGold I would call the PCP and let them know your true diagnosis was discovered by the urgent care.  They probably won't do anything.  But I'd probably start looking for a new PCP.  Those prednisone steriods are serious meds.  They shouldn't be just handing them out not knowing what they are actually addressing. 

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Yes, I had that fluid in my ear thing several years ago and it was awful.  My pcp, who is excellent, didn't see the severity. I didnt have any balance issues she brushed it off as some water in your ear, it will be fine in a couple of days.  It wasn't.  She referred me to an ENT specialist who told me it could take weeks or months to resolve itself.  He suggested warm compresses, putting my head on a towel and using a warm blow dryer on my ear, some other stuff that did not work.  He ended up doing a myringotomy a couple of weeks later.  That's inserting a thin tube in the ear drum to free the fluid that is trapped.  Immediate relief!