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I've had this issue several times, and use earplugs in the shower and when I get my hair done.   If I do get water in my ear, I use the vinegar and alcohol mixture.  I also direct my blow dryer towards my ears to help dry any water that may have seeped in.   

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It sounds to me this is different than getting water IN the ear.  It sounds like fluid build-up behind the eardrum, and if that's the case, none of the ear wax removal or swimmer's ear remedies are going to do a thing to help it.  

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THANK YOU to all for your suggestions!!!!!!! I'm going to try a couple of your remedies!!!

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@Icegoddess , what does work????

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@Effie54  I just had some sort of virus that resulted in fluid in the ear.  After waiting 10 days, I finally went to CVS Minute clinic and was prescribed Amoxicillan.  Thought it was interesting as the last time I had something like this, my PCP did a low dose z pac. 

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@DiamondsandGold wrote:

Has anyone had this??? Its horrible, as it is causing a balancing and vertigo problem !! I will not drive a car, cause its bad. Been to myPCP and she gave me a prednisone pack and antobiotics, which did nothing. So my hubby took me to an urgent care a couple of days ago and she is the one that told me about the fuid in my ear, not my PCP!!!! Imagine that. So now I am taking a decongestant and doing a nasal spray, so after all my babbling, I'm just wondering if anyone has ever had this?????? 

@DiamondsandGold If it is behind the ear drum, may take an ENT to put tubes in.  Otherwise, you need an ENT anyway.  And yes I have had it.  Only got fixed by ENT.

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Re: fluid in ear

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If this doesn't clear up for you, go to an ENT and ask him if he feels you may possibly have Meniere's Disease..


Many years ago, I has the symptoms you mentioned.

I was going from doctor to doctor, I tried all their potions, nothing worked,

I couldn't drive, only after dark, people walking around , like in stores , cars going by me, it didn't take much to set me off.


One ENT sent me down to Yale New Haven Hospital in Ct,,,,,,,

The doctor was new there, just down from Boston. Yale is a teaching hospital and he was there to teach interns about this disease, which at the time was unheard of!


He put me through a multitude of tests and finally decided I had Menieres.

I had been given so many drops, sprays and antibiotics, the only thing left for me was surgery.


They literally removed my ear, drilled into the skull and inserted a shunt, so the fluid would always drain. Oh and yes, they reattached the ear..


As I said, for me it was the last resort, but they also give me diazepam .5 mg. It also acts a diuretic which keeps fluid from getting the chance to settle in the ear so you should watch your sodium intake...


Again, I don't mean to scare you, but if nothing seems to work,  just ask the doctor of the possibility of having this.

They think it comes from a virus and although there is no cure its very easy to keep under control...



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Re: fluid in ear

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Well, I've never, ever found that Amoxicillin ever worked on an inner ear infection, Z-Pak, I e never tried. Usually cephalosporins work much better on ear fluid. It's a monster to suffer through. 

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We like Similesan products as well as Hylands All Natural Ear Drops, very good. 

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   I went thru something similar this summer, runny nose, watery eyes, just miserable.  I have issues with my eyes so I just assumed it was my eyes causing the issue..I even saw the eye doctor.


I ended up going to the walk in clinic because in one ear I could not hear very well.  Ended up the OTHER ear was full and it had to be cleaned out...ick!   The ear I thought had the problem was fine.  I was given a nasal spray and some sort of sinus medication....I had to get both products refilled 2x...It is months later and the ear I though had the issue with still is not right, sometimes there is an echo in the ear and my hearing is not 100%.  The doctor said it could take months to clear up.