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I've been using Xiidra eye drops for approximately 4 months. They do sting and cause blurry vision for several minutes after putting them in -- the funny taste isn't as bad as it was or I've just gotten used to it and don't notice it. They have made a huge difference for my eyes. Before using prescription drops I had been using otc eye drops but was putting them in every two hours and they weren't helping much. My eyes get so dry at night that they stick to my eyelids and it's very painful if they're stuck when I try to open them. The Xiidra has helped so much. Thankfully my dr gave me a co-pay card and my insurance covers them because there's no way I could afford to use them otherwise. 

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Re: Xiidra eye drops

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For those with dry eye, also think about personal and environmental thing you can do to help your eyes feel better.


Things that make dry eyes worse:

1.  Low humidity - think Arizona vs Houston

2.  Certain Medications- such as antihistamines

3.  Dehydration--Drink more water and less caffine

4.  Prolonged near tasks results in decreased blink rate- so blink and take breaks when you are using a device, sewing, reading

5.  Evaporation of tears--AC blowing on your face, windy, ceiling fans.

6.  Contact lens wear

7.  Consider Omega 3 supplements unless contraindicated.

8.  Keep lash line and eye lids clear-consider commercial lid scrubs.

9.  Prescription and non prescription meds

10.  Age- Can't do anything about this so try 1-9.

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Re: Xiidra eye drops

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@gidgetghthanks for the review   when  I used  Restasis  about 5 years ago the pharmacist said she'd never put it in her eyes.  I used it a little while after that then I threw it away


After I had Lasik 17 years ago  they did eye plugs and Restasis for dryness.  The pharmacist back then did not voice an opinion.


My new Eye Dr told me to use Blink gel at night and lighter drops during the day (Blink & I can't remember other brand)  He doesn't want me to do eye plugs at this time.


He also said to do hot compresses with a wash cloth   It will liquefy the fluid around the eyes.


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Re: Xiidra eye drops

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I have dry eyes & they got really bad. I started using Pataday which helped at first. It works better for allergy eyes.

I bought Refresh Optive Mega-3 Lubricant for Dry Eyes, Preservative-Free. It made my eyes feel so much better. I have been using it twice per day. This does not burn my eyes. It also does not cause my eyes to be blurry.

I also ordered Siccasan & Siccaforte day & night eye gel to try. If I don't like it I will stick with the Refresh.


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I had a terrible issue with the onset of dry eyes a few years ago. I was wearing contacts while doing hours of yard work while I was wearing my contacts. It felt like I had sand in my eyes. My eyes were really red and irritated. I had to go to my eye doctor and no way I could wear my contacts.


My eye doctor put me on Xiidra. She told me Restasis was fine, but it took longer to work than Xiidra. I continued to wear my eyeglasses for several weeks. Slowly but surely I was able to start wearing my contact lenses again. If you read the enclosed brochure, it has a graph that shows you the progress on a month to month basis.


Using Xiidra was slow recovery, but it did work gradually.


Xiidra uses a salt-based delivery system. My eyes do temporarily burn and it does give a sharp metallic taste for a while. I like wearing contacts when I am out shopping and going to various appointments.


Give Xiidra at least three months and be very compliant with the usage. It was slow, but once you get over the curve, it will work!

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Since you are talking about eyes, has anyone had surgery for entropion....? 

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That is funny, I just bought Systaine (sp.?) because they were a good buy at Costco and I am so glad I did.  I have dry eye and they are good also don't notice as much trouble with allergies.  Try

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I have Sjogren,s Syndrome, which affects the mucous membranes. Restasis has worked well for me...

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@gidgetgh wrote:

@NicksmomESQ wrote:

I have dry eyes & my eye doctor told me not to waste my money on expensive prescription eye drops. She told me to try Systane Ultra eye drops,available over the counter.  She advised me to use 2 drops 4 times a day.It's been about 18 months.It's helped me a lot.I'm not saying it will work for everybody but it works for me.

@NicksmomESQ  thanks for the info on the Systane Ultra. This bluriness is ridiculous.  

My eye doctor recommeds Systane also for dry eye. It's not a cure. Should be used daily but that's what we with dry eye have to put up with.

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@maximillian wrote:

PATADAY.  Has anyone tried that?  I take heavy-duty prescription eye drops for glaucoma treatment and the drops irritate my eyes.  So, I can buy PATADAY withour a prescription now.  It is very soothing.  Try PATADAY if you want to try something different that is over-the-counter. 

I have used Pataday but it was for allergy - itching and runny eyes - not for dry eye. It never did a lot for my allergy. I now use Zaditor, OTC, and it does a very good job of relieving itchy, runny eyes.