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I have positional vertigo, and it sounds like that's what you have since you mentioned crystals.  I was surprised how many struggle with this.  Mine comes back from time to time and it's always if I roll over on  my right side at night by mistake.  The good thing is when it comes back it's never as severe as that first time was, and there are exercises you can do to deal with it.  So it's key to stay off the side that aggravates this!  Did your dr do the head manuever on you?


Here is a link to what I do now when I get a flare up:

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I had vertigo issue and when I would feel dizzy I would use a topical oil called Divertigo.  You put a couple of drops behind both ears and it helps with the dizzness and the nausea.  You can get it at or amazon.

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@qualitygal wrote:

Been dealing with this lately. Saw the doctor yesterday and I'll be doing some therapy to help get the inner ear crystals back in order. This wipes me out and wears me out. So I'm hoping I can get this corrected and things back in order. I get so sick, for days.


Anyone else here, been dealing or have dealt with this? 

Yes. Several years back I noticed vertigo under certain circumstances (head movement mostly) and seasonally. I thought it was allergies, but it gradually got worse. My chiro gave me a sheet on Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) (which sounds like what you have, if a doctor did the testing and found crystals) and Ménière’s disease. I had every symptom of Ménière’s, and ironically, had several friends and 1 patient dealing with it at the time. I watched one friend struggle with it, trying therapies and medication that sometimes were worse than actually dealing withthe disease. I figured I would just deal with it, as sometimes people report that it actually goes away.

My husband kept pestering me to go get checked, since he worked with a guy who had BPPV, who went now and then to get "spun around" (some kind of centrifugal thing that repositions the crystals) and he would be fine again for a while. I kept putting it off, knowing that I likely was not going to get answers, and like you said, it;s exhausting. People don't realize that "just going here and just going there" is not "just" anything for someone with this type of disorder. It's physically and mentally exhausting.

I finally agreed to go get checked. The doctor did a series of tests, including a hearing test, and determined that both sides of my vestibulae don't function at all. Basically, a broke head.
They gave me some options: drugs and balance therapy, but even stated that the drugs would likely not do much in my situation and I declined the therapy, as I have excellent balance and the therapy center is 25 miles away...again, I have to weigh the cost of my energy exhaustion versus the potential benefit. I did a lot of research and have found ways to manage, but it's still a real annoyance.
This year, they sent me to a neurologist to try to determine if I have ocular migraines associated with this. The neurologist was really good, but I didn't fit "into her box" and she really had no cut and clear solutions. We discussed drugs, but she stated that most of them have side effects that would likely make me dizzier. No thanks. When I pressed her, she did give me a list of supplements that were clinically studied and helped in some people. I haven't noticed a significant difference on the dizzy front, but I feel a little better overall.
There is a really good site that I found that has a lot of useful information and discusses the different, but similar disorders (BPPV, Ménière’s disease, Vestibular hypofunction).

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I have a vestibular imbalance, and I sometimes get vertigo with it.  It was explained to me that one side of my vestibular system was weak.  I had to go to physical therapy for awhile to help with the dizziness and balance problems.  The therapist thought it had something to do with my neck.  I still have dizzy days and try to do my exercises from time to time to keep it under control.



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@qualitygal A friend of mine had a problem with dizziness from the crystals in her ear.She had three treatments from the chiropractor and us right as rain.I never thought chiropractic medicine was useful for things other than bad backs.

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@dex wrote:

@qualitygal A friend of mine had a problem with dizziness from the crystals in her ear.She had three treatments from the chiropractor and us right as rain.I never thought chiropractic medicine was useful for things other than bad backs.

Wow, that just opened my eyes. I go to a chiropractor weekly. I'll keep that in mind. 

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@Quse, thank you so much. I have saved the sight you gave out and definitely will be looking at it. 


I'm getting curious to know if it can run in families too. I'll want to find that out too. 

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@HarDee, thank you for those. The doctor didn't since I was so punk from being sick the last few days. (Head tilt). But I'm sure I'll have to go through that when I go to the next step. Haven't heard back yet on the labs the doctor wanted done. Thank you.

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  Thank goodness for the internet! I had a spell of vertigo several years ago, passed out in the store, and was taken to hospital.

  When I got home, I scoured the internet for my symptoms and what happened to me - that's when I found out about the Epley Manuver.

  I did it and it helped tremendously.

  Haven't had another spell like that.


  And I, too, and leery of having my hair washed at the beauty salon! 

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@Kachina624 wrote:

Has anyone told you about the Epley Maneuver?  My doctor says this is very effective.  I've never had a vertigo spell since I learned about it, so I haven't tried it but it's simple enough to try. 



Go to you tube and find a good video on Epley. It works!