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Everything I've read says to ease into the supplement as you can get stomach upset and other "issues" if you start with too much too soon. Start adding it in slowly and work your way up to the desired amount.

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Re: Good tumeric supplement

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@LTT1 wrote:


I know I'm going to butcher my remarks with spelling errors, but here goes: 500 mg organic curcumin with black pepper "peridine" to help with absorption. 

I tried taking two in the morning.

The one I'm sticking with now is 750 mg of Tumeric , not curcumin, which I assume is stronger.

The 1000mg total amount in one shot might be too much for your tummy @LTT1. That's just my guess. 


Turmeric is the name of a plant they make into powder (spice). Contained within this powder is the chemical compound's the active part of turmeric. So one is not stronger than the other and it's the WHOLE part of the turmeric plant that is most beneficial. Plain 'ol curcumin is available as a derivative of turmeric, you can buy it that way, but why separate the part from the whole. It's just best to injest the whole. 

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My dh has used Andrew Lessman's with great success.  He started to take it for joint pain, etc.