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Re: Difference in S S D and S S I

Yes, you need to let Medicaid know. I get a LOT less in SSDI than you receive from LTD. I do not qualify for Medicaid. If they approve you and you use any of the benefits you could get in heaps of trouble for not reporting income.

I had to wait for the two years after my SS disability date to start getting Medicare. If you aren't familiar with Medicare, that is not free - you do pay a premium for it. Plus getting a prescription plan is separate. There is no dental coverage. Then there are advantage plans, etc. But the medicare subject is WAY more to try to cover here - and much too soon for you to worry about for now anyway.

The main thing is you almost definitely do not qualify for the Medicaid. You will have to check with your own state. And the Affordable care act stuff in your state. My state opted out, and is pretty terrible all around in it's medical assistance, so I just know there isn't much HERE. There might be more where you live. Good luck.

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Re: Difference in S S D and S S I

On 9/29/2014 ccassaday said: We already applied for medicaid and ssdi. Just got a big check from ltd but some will have to be paid back once disability is approved. Do I need to let Medicaid no now I have this ltd. The haven't approved me yet but,when I applied I wasn't getting ltd yet.

$1500 a month for a single individual is too much to receive Medicaid in ANY state.

That is way above the poverty guideline.

If you anticipate receiving $1500 a month, you will need to get insurance on the exchange, but as I stated earlier, you will be on the LOW end of income, and will receive BOTH tax subsidy AND assistance with deductibles & co-pay. You will pay practically nothing for good private insurance. In order to get the deductible & copay aid, you will need to sign up for a SILVER plan. The people on the exchange hotline can help you - or you can get local assistance through any insurance company offered on the exchange. This is the BEST time to call - if you wait until November, the phone lines will be crazy busy.

So call now & get the info you will need to sign up in November.