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I ordered the SMC and was sure I would love it, but not so much.


I am tempted to try the SHP - but I haven't seen any reviews yet.


Who has tried it, and does it smell like the oil?  or something different?


Thank you in advance.



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Hi MIchele ( @Michele5004), it's good to see you around here again. I hope you've been doing well. Smiley Happy

There are actually a few Summer EDP threads, but they were all on the second page. -- A number of Wenners bought the the Summer Mango Coconut (SMC) EDP or the Summer Honey Peach (SHP) EDP, so hopefully these threads will be helpful:


SHP Lovers - EDP 


Wen - Summer Mango Coconut EDP - what does it smell like?


Wen - NEW - special offer - Seasonal & 613 EDP duo - $107.96 


Wen - new SHP & SMC Eau de Parfums - no SCLV EDP 



It's good to see you here again. I hope the info in these threads is helpful!! Smiley Happy


-- bebe Smiley Happy