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I own many more sunglasses in this brand than I care to admit!!! I ordered 2 of the tsv. I LOVE this brand!! have never had a pair break & I DO NOT baby them. as a matter of fact Im pretty rough on them often just throwing them in my bag. they have held up very well.
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I have never tired this brand until this TSV. I bought two pairs, the blonde tortoise and the confetti tortoise.  


The expensive pair of plain, polarized, custom made from Costco need to be repaired. So, in the mean time, these will be good enough.  


The buy more/save more basically meant the the second pair ships of 50 cents!  ($3.00 off)  


We shall see............(no pun intended!)



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I think I have 5 pairs of Prive Reveaux glasses including Readers.  I love them all, I probably would have bought this TSV but I don't like this shape in sunglasses

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I've been really tempted to buy a pair everytime they are on air, but I wasn't sure what the quality would be. Today I was at Kohls and they had a whole display of them. I tried a few different styles on, and they were beautiful quality and looked great. I definitely will be purchasing next time they are a tsv.


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@SurferWife   I felt compelled to post this supplemental comment with regard to this TSV and your original inquiry.


I received the pair I ordered this past Saturday and the quality of this item as it compares to my previous purchases are sub-par at best.  They are NOTHING like the other prive reveaux's I own - very cheap in comparison.   I could buy a similar quality of sunglasses in my local TJMAXX.


I wanted to in advance apologize to you if you ordered based upon my opinion.  Mine will most certainly be going back.

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@Tinkerbell3 wrote:

I have several pairs of Coach & Ray-Ban sunglasses-  PR is a CHEAP brand and hey break easily! I bought a pair as a gift for a younger person 



i dont baby them and i have owned the brand for over a year now. i have had none break or get damaged.


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Thanks for the feedback!  No, I did not order them.  After reading a number of negative reviews on a number of their styles, I decided against it.  I do appreciate you coming back to this thread to offer your review.

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So far it has 57 reviews and a 4.2 rating.

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Maybe someone here can answer a question for me since I keep trying to ask a question under the item, but QVC hasn't posted it.  Does anyone know why the Prive Revaux sunglasses cannot be shipped to NY or Rhode Island?  Is there something carcinogenic in the frames?  I know California is very strict.  I called customer service but could not get an answer.  Thanks if anyone has any insight into this.

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I have to admit, I'm a sunglasses snob.  I buy them infrequently because I really can't stand cheap or ill-fitting ones.  I was sold on these because my husband looked up from his ipad and said, "Hey, that shape would look really pretty on you."  He was right!  I love them.  They actually suit me better than my Chanel.  I am not kidding.  They flatter my face much more.