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I'm watching Jennifer Coffey.. she seems to be doing the final push on the TSV w/ Scott the President telling people to buy multiple colors... lol...
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I love Allegria - I am not happy the sizes are different then their usual sizes -but I love the style - so 70s and retro - the colors are retro too


MIne do squeak - I am going to try the powder - was not aware that others can hear the squeak!


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@CJC wrote:

Love Alegria, but not a fan of this sandal.  Doesn't look pretty on models -- the two adjustable straps stick out on sides.  Also wondering why each TSV sandal is basically navy and red??  The two solid sandals are navy and red, and each of the others has navy and red embroidery.  I'd like these better if done in 5 different patterns/colors the way Alegria usually does their styles.  And what's with the different sizing?  Makes me think this made for Q sandal is not the same quality as the rest of the Alegria line.  This is an easy pass for me, but I do love the Alegria styles I already own.

You were right about the adjustable straps sticking out on the sides.  I bought the white and had to send them back for that very same reson. Also felt like I would walk right of them. I wear size 6 1/2 and bought the size that was recomended. I'm not a fan of velcro straps on shoes, I prefer a buckle that gives a much cleaner look.

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I thought they were really cute, and they were a nice change from the typical Alegria shoe TSV.  I didn't buy, but I liked them.

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Re: Allegria TSV

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@winamac1 wrote:

I thought they were really cute, and they were a nice change from the typical Alegria shoe TSV.  I didn't buy, but I liked them.


I liked the sleeker shape of the shoe and more stylish sole (and heel.)  But the velcro was just a big turn-off for me.  That closure definitely did stick out on the sides; especially if you are someone who would have needed to make them a bit narrower.


Face it: Velcro is cheaper than buckles (or any other more attractive closure), and that's why they use it.

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Well I purchased them in the black and the tan and I like them. I wore them all day for 2 days now and they are very comfortable. I have no problem with the Velcro, I understand that is for people to adjust them if needed. Feet swell for some so these are a nice option. 

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I have a fix for the squeak that Alegria shoes seem to all get.  Can't remember where I read this, but all you do is remove the footbed. Take a dryer sheet, fold it in half lengthwise and lay into the well of the shoe bed. Then, put the footbed back in on top of the dryer sheet. Don't know why it works, but it stops the squeak.