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I find it hard to believe that the human body needs 8 cups of broccoli, 6 cups of spinach,, etc. etc., daily ( my counts are not accurate!) to survive!   How did we ever get this far?  I will stick to eating REAL food and pass on this offer.  IMO, just another way to make $$$.  

I could not agree more.  Eat your veggies, they are readily available!  To me this is overkill and a moneymaker.  

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I can't believe they are peddling this junk. It reminds me of the It Works! (pyramid scheme) products. Besides, it looks disgusting.

@JJsMom, I've posted this before so I don't want to sound like a broken record but it chaps my hide that they don't bother to let anyone know about sorbitol being in this product!!!!  They go on and on about how natural and wonderful this is and they tell you what isn't in it but never tell you everything that *is* in it.  To leave out the sorbitol is very misleading.  A lot of people cannot handle that and don't want to ingest it.


This reminds me of that Sensa garbage that one sprinkled on their food to lose weight.  No one ever bothered to say what was in it, only what wasn't.  In those instances, I always feel like something is going on that isn't good and they don't want you to know. 

@Lipstickdiva Sorbitol is pretty gross. I also think Stevia derivatives taste nasty. How could anyone think sprinkling something on food would make you lose weight. People are always looking for a quick fix. I guess the common sense approach is too boring.

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