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Re: 8Greens TSV - Vitamin K - NO MEDICAL STATS...


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I can't believe they are peddling this junk. It reminds me of the It Works! (pyramid scheme) products. Besides, it looks disgusting.

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Re: 8Greens TSV - Vitamin K

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I found this info on another site for 8Greens. Doesn't look like there is any Vit K in it.



@elruth @Mayfayre


No it does not list Vit K on the label but you will get if from the broccoli, kale & spinach. You need to do your research when taking supplements with your prescription drugs.

Broccoli & Kale are also Goitrogenic Foods which are not good if you have a Thyroid condition.

I don't like that it shows 686 mg of greens. I would like to see the breakdown on how many mg or mcg for each green.


Spinach 483 mcg for 100 g serving


Kale 1,062.1 mcg per cup



92 mcg per 1 cup chopped raw

220 mcg per cup fresh boiled & drained

162 mcg per cup frozen boiled & drained


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I can't believe they are peddling this junk. It reminds me of the It Works! (pyramid scheme) products. Besides, it looks disgusting.

@JJsMom, I've posted this before so I don't want to sound like a broken record but it chaps my hide that they don't bother to let anyone know about sorbitol being in this product!!!!  They go on and on about how natural and wonderful this is and they tell you what isn't in it but never tell you everything that *is* in it.  To leave out the sorbitol is very misleading.  A lot of people cannot handle that and don't want to ingest it.


This reminds me of that Sensa garbage that one sprinkled on their food to lose weight.  No one ever bothered to say what was in it, only what wasn't.  In those instances, I always feel like something is going on that isn't good and they don't want you to know. 

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I have been taking Andrew Lessman's Green Foods Complex. 


Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1
Amount Per Serving    
Barley Grass, organic powder100 mg
Wheat Grass, organic powder100 mg
Blue-Green Algae, organic powder100 mg
Chlorella, powder100 mg
Spirulina, organic powder100 mg
† DV not established

Other Ingredients: Gelatin capsule.

Common Allergens: Wheat 
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To  those sensitive to the sugar alcohols in food and drink, the TS has sorbitol along with Stevia extract... I do not know why they could not have left out the sorbitol.... that just ruins it for me.

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Re: 8Greens TSV - Vitamin K

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In the hospital, we use Vitamin K to coagulate the blood for people on Coumadin/Warfarin who are having acute bleeds - also why people  taking Coumadin need to avoid foods high in Vitamin K (kale, broccoli, spinach, etc.).


As far as the Sorbitol goes - we used to use that as a laxative for our renal dialysis patients - be wary folks if your food or supplements contain Sorbitol.

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It bothers me that they don't mention the sorbitol too. They keep touting it as "all natural". It is an artificial sweetner that many people cannot tolerate - including me. 

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Re: 8Greens TSV - Vitamin K

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I saw another post on the Q site about potassium and the TSV. The poster indicated that she suspected that this product had a lot of potassium that interferred with her coumadin and that her cardiologist told her to stop taking it immediately. As for what is listed on the label, I don't know what the federal requirements are about this, but I suspect that they don't have to identify all of the vitamins and minerals, but what they do list is supposed to be what is actually in the product. When I looked at the label, I was suprised at the short list of nutrients. I would have expected that with all of those vegetables, there would be a lot more nutrients present. My guess is that if you are on a blood thinner, then you should not take it.

I've never heard of potassium as a blood thinner.  Potassium is in nearly every fruit and vegetable we eat, and it's essential to heart health and maintaining proper blood pressure.

Thanks for calling me out on this. I confused potassium which is listed on the label with Vitamin K whch the original poster wrote about. However, I read on another qvc review of this product that someone who was on blood thinners had her cardiologist tell her to stop taking these. I agree with your point about a lack of literature about potassium as a blood thinner. High potassium levels are related to other problems, but this product has a small amount of potassium and should not be a problem for most people. This product might be an issue for some people on blood thinners because all of the greens would be high in Vitamin K. That's something they should clarify in the presentations.