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@forrestwolf  Thoughts and prayers that you will have a positive, happy road ahead from now on.   I too was a prison nurse for 20 years, but have since retired.  Stay safe friend !!!!

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Re: For All who Know me

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Sorry to hear of all you are going through. I pray your days are better soon ahead. Smiley Happy


By the way, why do you hate your instant pot? Just curious, I love mine.

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@forrestwolf ...I do not think we have posted back and forth before...( your name is familiar and I know you enjoyed cooking) that is not necessary to send you my sympathines for the loss of your dad, which is difficult enough without all the other things you are dealing with...


I am sure you know this...take things just one day at a time, don't look to far into the future, it will be overwhelming....take care.

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Bless you, have enjoyed your posts over the years and am wishing you the the best of health. Life is hard. I pray for yours to get better, 

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Your post is an inspiration to me. I've been going through a difficult time and when I read your post I realized that, like you, I have the strength to get through it.  We are women, after all, and God knows we are a force to be reckoned with!  Thinking of you and sending the most positive thoughts for your emotional and physical recovery.  

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forrestwolf...,,.where are you?  How are you doing?  Remember you well from years past.....hope you will check in again.