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I came back, but yes, went away. A lot has happened. My dad was found in the yard by his brother, who he did not even talk to, and lived 500 yards from him, and was dead a week later. Yeah,I have been the poster child for disfunction in my lifeWoman Wink I tripped and fell, and injured my foot, and could not walk, and then my little pup got a stick stuck in his mouth (not my bigger pup, for those who know me, and has been put to sleep 6 times to get the stick out of his mouth)  and bit thru my nail bed, and I had to go to the ER, and got antibiotics, and a teatanus shot. Then I had a neurological reaction to the tetanus  shot and have been out of work 5 weeks.  ( this thanks to my Native American heritage) I went back to work on Monday, and it has been a mess. My boss quit/retired during this time. My stess level is beyond 5 burners going, the crock pot cooling, and the pressure cooker not up to pressure!!! My plate is full, and no food on it at allWoman Sad I am just wanting my muscles/nerves back. My thought process got messed up as well. It is getting back, not all back as of yet. Just trying to get NORMAL back in my life, although, never had a normal life. I am looking for a new boss to be hired, because I do not want the job, and want to go to 2 days a week, and/or retire, if they will offer it for now, and if not, I will retire....Woman Wink I am going to miss cooking for the prison employees, as that is what I looked forward to, and love just cookingWoman Happy My pups have enjoyed me being home, but they are going to adjust, if I start traveling..They love my around the corner neighbors, so they will not have strangers to feed them and give them treats...Cat Wink As a nurse of 34 years, guess I can finally do what I want to do. I am going to get medical back in order before I do this, as  I do not want to go out on a bad page, but want things right under my name. I have not been able to type, due to the neurological conditions, but will be checking in when I can. Cooking is my life, and I just love sharing with you all here. I miss you all, and some of the old posters that have gone away, due to medical issues/and death, and I face my own mortality every day.....especially with recent events. 

I so cherish all of the frinds I have made here, and think of you and banter we have had, and laugh in my mind and/or out loud. That is MY mental health issues, as I am a mental health nurse in a prison....go figure!!!

By the way, I hate my Insta Pots, and love my CE pressure cookers, and my Big Boss and GoWise much more.......

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@forrestwolf   Good evening.  My what a time you have been having!  


My thoughts and prayers are with you.  Aside from all the recipes you have always shared so generously with all of us, you give us good "recipes" for how to travel the life path with dignity, patience, and grace under pressure.


Be well, dear friend, and check in with us.  


Just a suggestion so we don't run afoul of the forum rules maybe you could post when it doesn't involve food, recipes, or kitchen, in the Among Friends forum.


With respect, and warm regards,




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@forrestwolf   You are one strong woman and I have no fear you will accomplish whatever you want to do. Good to hear from you again. Sorry about your Dad. I know he gave you fits but you were good daughter.

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Re: For All who Know me

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Hi Forestwolf, so glad that I happened to just look here and saw your nic and was so pleased to see you are still with this world and here. Sorry to read about all your problems it just amazing how one thing can happen to a person and their whole life changes. I had a infected finger finally got it healed and now find that I cannot bend the finger and have very little feeling in it. It is driving me up the wall trying to make it bend. But will be watching to see what you will be cooking and your recipes. Take care and it nice to see you here again.

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Hi @forrestwolf  I remember you from when the recipe thread was super busy, along with another dear lady who no longer posts. Not much out there anymore. Glad you checked in. Sure hope you can keep cooking a few days a week. If not, maybe you can volunteer in retirement and cook at a shelter for the needy. The churches in my area make a community meal and always welcome help.

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Take care !

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My dad is in such a better and happier place than he was on earth....I just keep saying he is looking down on me laughing at me with what I have had do deal with, as he always said some day will you will have to deal with what is going on with my body, and you will know!!! Guess he is totally a happy man nowWoman LOL

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This time of year I always think of LilBit. (One year there was a canned pumpkin shortage and we were comparing stores than might have some.)  So as I was thinking about that, my thoughts switched to you.  I wondered what had happened to you.  That was 2 days ago. And, here you are.  Not sure how to process that!  Hope things go well for you.

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A death in the immediate family is always an extremely stressful event. 


The most important thing is for you to practice self-care and not worry about work and other issues. 


Yes, mortality is part of the human condition, and the only thing we can do is live our own best lives.


Wishing you much peace and future happiness.



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@forrestwolf : Your life has been very difficult and frustrating. Sending special prayers for you and that you will be able to heal and do what you desire.Southern Bee