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If you don't like what you are seeing, CHANGE THE CHANNEL !!!!!!!

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@89135 wrote:

If you don't like what you are seeing, CHANGE THE CHANNEL !!!!!!!


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It does seem crazy that hosts wear the clothes they're selling; that's the models' job.  It may be easier for them to talk about something they're wearing.  And, they must wear something, so why not wear Today's Special Value.

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It seems to me that the ones that change into all the clothes are the ones that are full.of themselves. They love to look at themselves and have on them. And I agree it is very distracting. 

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@Jo1313 Wait, so are you saying there should be no models and the hosts should not wear the apparel they are selling? Sorry but that doesn't make sense to me. If this were the case you might as well go to any other site where there is only a picture of the item.


The models and the hosts wearing the items give me a much better perception of the item and then I will go online for garment measurements.


I find it helpful when both models and hosts wear the clothing. More often than not the host is more my size than the models so I don't see a problem with them changing into the clothes. I'm just not sure why this is so bothersome. 

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I get the impression that the OP does not want to see the clothing on a human body, (not models, not hosts) but merely hanging on a rack?



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Re: Why? and Why?

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I took the Op's questions as why have models if the hosts are going to do the modeling and why do some hosts become quick change artists when presenting fashion.


But....I could be wrong.

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Re: Why? and Why?

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Why? .....Why not?  I appreciate seeing a garment on more bodies.  Often the models are tall and I'm not but several of the hosts are petite.


Why the big deal?  It really isn't.

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Let the models jump in and be the host.  See how that works.  LOL

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They see the sales figures and know what they're doing.  Often the color the host is wearing will be the first to sell out. 


Considering all the thing at QVC which deserve complaints, this is minor. 

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