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Don't blame everything on tariffs...funny because I can go to Dillards and find tops and blouses for $24, $34 and $39 at the REGULAR price...QVC charges $49 and $59 for equivalent in style, fabrics, and quality.....

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I agree.  Especially after shopping for the holidays, I noticed they were not offering any good pricing on items they carry.  It used to be far better in the past.  I bought nothing from the Q this Christmas.  I used to buy more than half of my gifts from them.  

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Kohl's had some really good prices during the holidays! I bought my Mom everything from Kohl's. The products were good quality & prices put QVC to shame! If you honestly look at some of the clothing even at JC Penney you'll be surprised at what you find. QVC wants you to think only they have certain types of clothing. It's just not true. Free shipping & returns & rewards! I do like to buy some tall pants at QVC. I will continue to. Just don't fall for all the hype!

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Chicos is having a semi-annual sale with prices up to 70% off.  I think many of Chicos items are good quality, and there are some really nice items in the $24-$50 price range.  If you purchase frequently, they reward you with VIP status, which means always free shipping and 5% off everything, all the time..


I also ordered several t-shirts from Life is Good at at least 50% plus an additional 20% off.  I couldn't pass up well made t-shirts for $11 to $15.  Although you have to be willing to wear a silly message t-shirt (which I am)!


I haven't noticed any price difference in other stores because of the Tariffs.  Maybe QVC purchases a lot more from China?