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Re: Overcharged & Frustrated

I have a different take on this.  I wish I could say that I carefully kept all my receipts and created my own ledger, but unfortunately I have not until recently.    I am a able to search back a few years, but not as far as I would like (I have been a QVC customer for many years).  


Here's my problem - I need the information for tax purposes.  If I re-sell something I no longer use, I need to know what I paid for it originally.  I would gladly pay for a report as I understand QVC would have to expend time and resources,  but it sounds like it's not even a possibility.  



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Re: Overcharged & Frustrated

The problem is QVC is only allows only show much to show up in the Order Status and you can't search anything older.  Only way to see things beyond the limit of orders showing in order set (whatever that number is that QVC has assigned) is if you have the order number then it will come up by you can't get by item number or just looking through your order status

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Re: Overcharged & Frustrated

Interesting, my Amz order status goes back to 2005...not bad!