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Re: Good Bye to George Simonton . . . .

I've never purchased from this line, but isn't there a way to find him online?  I find it interesting that so many here complain about nothing new, and then others complain when lines are switched out.  Really no big deal either way since it's so easy to shop these days.

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Re: Good Bye to George Simonton . . . .

It's like George has fallen off the face of social media.  Facebook hasn't been updated, his instagram photos are 33 weeks old, he doesn't have a twitter account (that I can find).  He's still listed as an assistant professor at FIT in NYC.


I hope he isn't ill.

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Re: Good Bye to George Simonton . . . .

I own some of his clothes.  I adore watching him.  When my daughter was in high school her dream was to go to F.I.T (where he teaches).


We are losing the designers who will REALLY explain why clothes are made this way or that.


I remember when Isaac would sit and sketch out something (one thing) and we'd be reminded what made his name so great.  Now it's obvious (being spread too thin) that he has no idea what's being shown.  In fact when I see him it reminds me of the family joke about my late husband.  At Christmas or anytime a gift from us was being opened (even from Santa) my late husband would be like the children and say, "Let me see that!  Wow!  That's neat"!  The only thing that was left out was (in Isaac's case) "Did I make that"?  In my late husband's case it was fun because he saw nothing before Christmas.


I'm totally ignorant (nor do I care) about what makes my butt look big (it is big) but there are many lovely ladies who do care.  It is sad that they no longer (through QVC) have access to true designers like QVC used to offer.


OK, people tear me up!  I own just about every sweater that Isaac has his name slapped on it.  I don't kid myself and I watch a lot of QVC I know he didn't design the things.  I don't care, but there are people who do care.


Those people who do care should also be represented.  I believe in all things equal.

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Re: Good Bye to George Simonton . . . .

Please don't let George Simonton leave QVC. He is truly a wonderful, classy designer. He knows how to dress women and make them look georgeous. His designs are timeless not like some of the idiots that do come on QVC. Sorry but that is how it is. You have to have someone who knows what they are doing for heaven's sake.

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Re: Good Bye to George Simonton . . . .

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Watch one show and you can tell right away this guy is the real deal.  One of the best, if not the best on ANY of the shopping channels bar none.

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Re: Good Bye to George Simonton . . . .

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Hi Ladies, George's line of clothing is, indeed, in trouble.  There is a NEW Facebook Page that has been created to follow him and get answers from QVC.  If you are on FB, look for George Simonton Fan Club.  I understand this was started by several of his QVC followers and loyal customers.  They encourage you to contact:


Mike George, President

QVC Inc., Corporate

Studio Park, 1200 Wilson Drive

West Chester, PA  19380


Unless we tell QVC what we want--a designer who understands fashion, women, fabrics, trends, clothing construction, etc., we will continue to get celebrities promoting their name, the names of designers who were icons but with whom they never worked, cute names of QVC created lines pretending to be posh but just posh prices on basically a no-name brand, etc., etc.   Think about it. 


I'll stop.   This problem is far deeper than seeing George Simonton's clothing line being phased out.   It's about merchandising and marketing techniques aimed at what is perceived as different age groups, etc.  Go fgure.  QVC just purchased Zulily for $2.+ Billion dollars.  Like I said, marketing, marketing, marketing.   Some things about QVC are sacred.   The designer in my living room has been an unbelievable treat in my lifetime.   Are we willing to easily let this pass us by?  To me, QVC has been the most unbelievable shopping experience of my lifetime.  Their customer service is second to none.  BUT, we are starting to see changes like how shipping/return charges are done and many more which you already know.  Disappearing Designers seems to be on the chopping block, but only if we allow that to happen. 


Let me know if you can help.    Thanks in advance.  




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Re: Good Bye to George Simonton . . . .

Maybe they're planning to replace him with Kanye West's clothing line. Smiley Wink

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Re: Good Bye to George Simonton . . . .

Never say never!!!

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Re: Good Bye to George Simonton . . . .

Do you think that George has decided to ease off QVC himself?  That perhaps he's decided he's had enough (after all he's not a young man).... and that backing off some of his larger projects are his idea?  I'm just asking because it just occurred to me as a possibility, but then I don't follow George, just appreciate his designs and appreciate him as a vendor...


Just asking.... Woman Happy

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Re: Good Bye to George Simonton . . . .


At this point we don't know for sure what the changes are or who decided they wanted change.


This from another thread titled "Where is GEORGE SIMONTON?":



"@sunshine45 10-31-2015 08:32 PM:


looks like george may be branching out on his own......found this today on facebook:


we had so many laffs ! And good times at lunches in between shows , I miss that part of it not the traveling !!! Love Ya George "😎😇


George when will your fashion website be ready to sell your designs? Can't wait!


I will announce in about 10 days I'm working on it very hArd you know i 'am a perfectionist so it takes time I want it to be breathtakingly beautiful !!! Love George " 😇 I"



and my post on the same thread on 11-04-2015 01:04 PM:

"I see this older post on one of his Facebook pages from October 18:  


'George Simonton:   Thanks for your interest I will be telling my friends fans so very exciting news within the next two weeks keep posted love your loyal friend and designer George !!!😇'"

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