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@soonersis wrote:

I've been making this once a week for my husband and me as a special treat and a change from our hot coffee.  I use Lakanto Monk Fruit Sweetener with the instant coffee and hot water.  Put it over ice and almond milk.  It's important to stir well after you put the whipped coffee on top.  Drinking that alone is quite strong.  


@soonersis  Interesting version -- stirring it well.  

I do not stir mine at all, in fact I think the original keeps them separate and afloat, but as always, it should be enjoyed any way you enjoy it. 😊


I start sipping from the milk at the bottom, and raise my straw up to get some of the whipped coffee at the top.  That way I get a delicious mix of both, and nothing is overpowered.  Love it.  

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Well, since originally posting, I finally picked up some instant coffee.  Have now made several times--  and love it!  I like a little less sugar in mine than she recommends.


The topping part was eye-poppingly strong at first (which surprised me with instant coffee),  but it's a delicious switch, and you can control that by the degree to which you swirl that coffee "glop" down into the milk and ice, as people have mentioned.


Nice summer drink!