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Looks fabulous ☕️❤️❤️☕️

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That looks so good.   I would never guess that instant coffee, hot water and sugar would whip up like that for the topping. 

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This does look good!! Ree D. Made it on a recent quarantine show too.

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 I would like the topping, not so much the glass of milk under it!

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I like cold brewed coffee, i take it add some goats milk ,love that stuff,add cinnamon ,and whip it up . add ice to it.

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Laura Vitale/Laura In The Kitchen has a recipe for Dalgona (sp) coffee on her website.


DD made it and loves it. Whipped it up in a few minutes.

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@SharkE wrote:

Think I've had 2 cups of coffee in my entire life.

@SharkE , you were born with spare adrenals. Coffee would be overkill.

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My kids saw this a couple of months ago on social media and we tried it.

It's cool but it can be very strong.

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Ah, coffee! Am I addicted? You betcha. I've been convinced to quit for a few years twice in my life. All I learned was that decaf really does taste like dishwater. I like it dark and strong and never dilute it or sweeten it. I like it dripped, pressed, brewed, and steamed. So happy to look forward to my two cups every day.


That said, I'm a big fan of people not drinking it, or drinking tea or decaf or milky versions, too. I love having choices even more than I love coffee!

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Last summer I discovered Peet's cold brew fog drinks. Their original has chicory for sweetness, but I liked it without. I didn't want to use dairy in this drink, but you could if you like it that way sometimes.


I made my own version at home, in my blender using about 4-5 ice cubes per cup of regular [cooled-off] coffee (it doesn't have to be cold-brewed).


Blend into a froth for about 10-15 seconds, maybe even less, and you can pour into a tall glass.  It will separate into the dark coffee on the bottom with the beautiful froth on top.


Here's a picture of one from last summer that I had just made (and started to drink already!):


DSCN0662 (2).JPG

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