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Just saw on Inside Edition that Tupperware sales have went up 34 million bucks. Can take 8 weeks to receive order. People are crazy for it.  Glad I bought mine at area flea markets, craft shows, etc.


So strange in today's climate what is selling like hot cakes. Also, by the way, Mason jars. They won't be back in stock till next yr. supposedly.


Weather is better now in Amarillo, Tx and happy to report I got out and have seen no shortages of nothing.  No panic.

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I'm a Lock and Lock fan. Qvc should do some more special values. They're missing an oportuinity to sell a lot.

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I still have my Tupperware from the 70s. I had a party also. I made sangria got everyone a little buzzed and they bought like crazy. The rep was thrilled never had a night like that. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️🍷 

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I was never fond of Tupperware.  Wonder why it's so popular now?

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I wonder if they've improved it?  Threw all of mine out because the lids wouldn't fit in the containers.  There are a lot of people who need to know about Lock 'n Lock.  It's not perfect either but it's better than the old Tupperware and a lot cheaper.

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Re: Tupperware explosion

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I got rid of the Tupperware AND the lock and lock, and have gone mostly to glass with some OXO pop up lid ones because the size is so great in my pantry.


And those Cambro square containers are GREAT to store loose bags of beans, cornbread mix, etc. because you can stack them up.  They hold extras in my pantry.


The tupperware was old and worn and the lock and lock was that soft plastic I don't like and was beat up too.  So out it went!  

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I've heard Tupperware from the not the safest plastic....especially not good reheating.....

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I have only a few pieces of Tupperware left from my purchases in the 80's.   Most were tossed because of deterioration of the plastic.   I no longer find it necessary to have a large number of these items.   

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Re: Tupperware explosion

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I got "safe" plastic containers I can reheat in.


I have a large 3 bowl set from Tupperware from about 15 years ago.  Takes care of cold things like pasta salad.


I have these heavy weight "safe" Rubbermade.  The bottom locks onto the lids, or all of your lid of a certain size snap together.


They also come in a boxed set.


Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Square 7-Cup Food Storage Container (Pack of 3)

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Re: Tupperware explosion

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Just yesterday I emailed Tupperware because I came across a huge container without it's lid. I discarded all my Tupperware.(so I thought) I asked if I could purchase a replacement lid. It's so roomy and new looking that I'd like to use it for something non food related. Haven't heard back from them. Now I know why.