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I am thinking about getting a pressure cooker. Can anyone recommend one and also, I heard the Hot Pot is excellent. Can anyone help me. TIA

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Re: Pressure Cookers/Hot Pot

No, but I'm replying so I can also get advice. I'm looking for a multi-cooker.

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Re: Pressure Cookers/Hot Pot

I like my Emeril Lagasse electric pressure cooker. If you get a stove top one, make sure it's made of steel and has replacement gaskets available. Lots of good YouTube videos available to help you decide.

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Re: Pressure Cookers/Hot Pot

Never heard of the "Hot Pot", but if you do get a stove top model, Fagor is a good choice. And get at least 8qt size, due to the fact that p/c's shouldn't be filled more that 2/3rds their capacity. And Fagor has replacement parts available on their website.

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Re: Pressure Cookers/Hot Pot

I know that a lot of people choose the all stainless steel Insta Pot.....

I personally have the 8 QT Cooks Essential oval pressure cooker, that is no longer available, and just came home and made a pot of 15 bean soup, and it is ready, and I do not even get off from work until 1700.....And I own a 6 QT Cooks Essential that was the TSV here while back, and I also own the Big Boss 8 QT oval pressure cooker, that does more than just pressure cooking, as does my Cooks Essential.......

I like all 3 of them, and use them all of the time, and the 8 QT is not too big, as you can cook a small amount in a larger pot, but you can not cook more in a smaller pot.....and I do live alone........Kiss

Sorry for the large pictures, but you can see the fronts better........

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Re: Pressure Cookers/Hot Pot

ForrestWolf. What is your recipe for your bean soup? If a mix, what is your cooking time?