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@J Town Girl wrote:

Thanks Sooner.  You've said it so elonquently.    I guess I didn't realize how unbelievably rude we were by not sharing the same warm and fuzzy feelings as the rest of the  posters.    Shame on us.


Considering some of the posts that I have read about a few of the QVC hosts, trashing everything about them, including how they look and talk.     I'd say our POV was relatively mild.  


I'm so sorry about your stalking incident.  I'm sure that was so frightening and it would indeed color your perspective on life after that.  


For those of you who have never had a frightening experience with a stranger consider yourself lucky.

I hadn't really thought about it until I made that post, but really people should note in caps that they don't want opinions just support if that is the case.  It is hurtful and unnecessary to blast people when they don't agree with you--just because they have differed from your opinion.  People deserve the warning.


We have had a few people in the past years who made a habit of asking for input about something they were doing then raked people over the coals when they didn't agree with their take on the question.  It seems to be a hobby for some.


I appreciate your kind words.