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I have a love/hate relationship with non-stick fry pans. I seem to have to constantly replace them because they eventually peel.


Quite by accident I discovered Farberware Glide Ceramic Non-stick fry pans. I bought one a year ago and it still looks like new. I just bought the smaller one for eggs, which includes an egg poacher insert. They both came with glass lids.


They are beautiful and they cook like a dream. I use them daily.

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I was ready to switch to non-stick and followed the recommendation of our daughter who has been using Endure Titanium Ceramic by Ecolution Cookware.  She has one frying pan that she and her family use daily.  I found the 8-piece set locally at a discount store and bought it.


If you want to check out the company website, they sell different cookware, the Endure Titanium Ceramic is the one that is copper colored, inside and out.


One of the quotes from the company website states: 

"EASY TO CLEAN, INSIDE AND OUT: the titanium-infused ceramic interior releases foods effortlessly and allows for a fast and easy clean-up."  That is one major thing I love about the cookware, it is easy to clean the inside, and it is easy to clean the outside!



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Re: Non-Stick Fry Pans?

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@DoxieJ wrote:

@cupcaked  I purchased an 8" and 10" of the Green Pan (Costco had the set) and so far they're just great. But, the next nonstick pan I'm getting is by Circulan - heard great things about them, and saw them used on America's Test Kitchen. I will probably go for the 12-inch. 

A couple of years ago, I purchased those Green Pans from Costco - and they were the worst. Everything stuck - I returned.

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@wagirl wrote:

another Curtis Stone fan--replaced nearly all the horrible black non stick junk with his Durapans---got a get deal a few ears ago on HSN with one of his TSVs-----my fave is the huge 14" durapan round pan-----can do everything in it.

I have several pieces of Curtis Stone cookware and love all of it.  I decided to order the Durapan  and should  get it this week.  Looking forward to using it.  His cookware is so easy to clean and always looks and works out beautifully.

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Re: Non-Stick Fry Pans?

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@cupcaked  Curtis Stone. Have a lot and I love red of course.


Buy maybe a frying pan so you can try it.


Didn´t know Green pan was still around. They were the worse. Started out great then there were a lot of complaints.


Home they last longer this time but not interested.

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I got a  Curtis Stone 8" when it was an HSN special.  Love it -- absolutely nothing sticks.  Waiting for a 10 or 12 inch to go on sale.

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I've had good luck with Rachael Ray, Analong and Cook Essentials. Mine have lasted years and years. Decide the the size and shape of the pans that you want. I'm not crazy about sets because you usually end up with a few that are too small or large for your needs. Check on line at BBB or Kohls to get an idea about reviews and what's out there. QVC/HSN does offer some good deals. I'm very pleased with RR.

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@cupcaked   You may have already purchased your new pans, but I forgot to mention the non-stick pans from the Deen Brothers (Shop HQ.) I purchased a small pan and it's very good - I would purchase more. They received great reviews. There's also Tramontina at Walmart I believe. HTH

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Re: Non-Stick Fry Pans?

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At Costco, I recently bought this  Circulon 13-piece set on sale  for $149.99 and like it so far.




Circulon Premier Professional 13-piece Hard Anodized Cookware Set



After $50 OFF

Circulon Premier Professional 13-piece hard anodized nonstick set



I aleady have GreenPan fry pans, which I think are very good and still in perfect condition after about 7 years.  I also have Curtis Stone large sizes, which I find don't really heat evenly on my gas stovetop.


Obviously, I'm a cookware freak and own a lot of it, but do use it all.


I bought the Circulon set because I wanted some nonstick saucepans, and would have had to pay the same price as this set for just a few little pans.  I love the lids with drain holes.


.  Have put them in the dishwasher and they come out perfectly.  At first, I didn't believe the claim that Circulon's nonstick feature could stand up to a dishwasher.  So far, so good.


Some people might not have good experiences with nonstick because they either use cooking spray (a real no-no with nonstick) or often cook on too-high heat.  I treat mine  gently and they seem to do the same for me, so far.

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I like to get open stock cookware at TJ Maxx. Usually find many different sizes in popular brands. Need a few new pieces myself but unfortunately TJ Maxx is closed & I hope will reopen once this craziness calms down. 😬🤪😷🤬